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Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by hemalimojidra, Apr 20, 2009.

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    MPMusicPlayerController is not playing anything.
    Any one have idea about this new MPMusicPlayerControlller class in iphoneOS3.0.

    I am getting null value for my object.

    MPMusicPlayerController *player = [MPMusicPlayerController iPodMusicPlayer];
    MPMediaQuery *query = [MPMediaQuery songsQuery];
    NSLog(@"Song Query : %@", query);
    [player setQueueWithQuery:[MPMediaQuery songsQuery]];

    NSLog(@"Player : %@", player);
    [player play];
    NSLog(@"Player --%@",[player nowPlayingItem]);
    NSLog(@"Current Playback Time : %@", [player currentPlaybackTime]);

    This code not playing any thing but not giving error.

    I am getting following thing in my console

    MPMediaLibrary: Unable to launch media library server: application not found

    What is this media library server?
    From where player can identify the file which i want to play with my player?

    Please help if any one have idea about this.

    Hemali Mojidra
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    Since this deals with the iPhone OS 3.0 beta, which is still under NDA, you probably won't get much help in this forum.
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    Post your question on the Apple 3.0 dev forum, you'll get a quick response there. There are even Apple folks who respond to code questions. Plus you're not violating anything by posting your questions and code there.

    And if you're trying that in the simulator, it won't work. There is no media player in the simulator, you need to test it on the device only.
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    Than from where i can get my solution rather than apple developer beta forum 3.0?
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    Thank you first

    In this APPLE 3.0 dev forum only those can login who has enroll for $99 or $299. I haven't that apple id to login. Is there any other way that can help me?

    Yes this iTune library will not be awaylable in simulator. So it won't be work.

    Hemali Mojidra
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    If you don't have access to the Apple Dev Forums for 3.0 then that means you obtained the iPhone OS 3.0 beta through channels other than the official ones and we can't help you then. Sorry.
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    ok thnks

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