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MPs divided over 'iPod Gate'

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 23, 2004.

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    at risk of showing my hand and my ignorance - what does MP stand for?
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    Member of Parliament.
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    Thanks very much - been wondering for 2 days now.

    <crawls back under rock of ignorance>
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    From the end of the article...

    Pugh's amendment concludes: "Both the difficulties with and cost of replacing batteries has been for some reason widely exaggerated in the press."

    Thank you! It could not be put more succinctly and accurately than that. So much has been made of this issue, and I can't really understand why - especially since Apple's policy has been essentially the same as others in the field. Of course, there has been a lot of Apple-related FUD circling around (particular from C|Net...ahem).
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    You guys in the US need to go overseas more ;). an MP is to the UK, NZ what a Congressman/woman is to the US Government.
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    Re: From the end of the article...

    Maybe the British MPs should debate the accepted levels of quality of Microsoft software and pass a bill to say that Windows so be written so that it does not crash all the time ;)
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    That MP is the sort of poitician Apple should have on their board. Short of saying, go buy an iPod, what else could he have said in support of the little people at Apple.
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    heh - planning a trip to the UK this summer, but as for it being similar to a US Government congrassman/woman, we don't refer to them as Cons.

    but we probably should. ;)
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    Heh, funny...that's how I typically refer to "conservatives" ;)

    awww...crap. Now someone will probably close this thread. :)
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    Hey, I've only just worked out what GOP is.:)
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    Anyone wonder why these MPs single out the iPod but haven't said a peep about Windows' security flaws? Or is it just something that wasn't publicized? :confused:
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    Yeah I'm wondering what the heck is this...

    I mena why the heck are they even introducing a bill at all to begin with?

    do they do this for every major product?

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    Somthing tells me that some of them bought the pod and then heard about this so called problem. Kick up a stink were else but were they work and bingo its big news. Bollocks if my MP's are going to be doing this sort of stuff they should do it for the following things as well....

    Price of fule
    Price of Windows and issues it has
    Price of TV BLOODY LICENCE..

    OK rant over

    lmao@mud lol lol sorry man MP'S lmao
    *goes and gets ready to go home*
    uk that is

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