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MR: 5,000,000 Posts!

Discussion in '5,000,000 Post Contest' started by Hankster, Mar 2, 2008.

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    MacRumors: MR hits 5,000,000 Posts! A congratulations to the MacRumors forums for hitting the major milestone of 5,000,000 posts!!! Great work!

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    i like this one too! it has a kind of google-ish feel about it.
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    This feels like the right place for post #1, homage to the many who have posted before.
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    Do we get to find out who posted #5 million, or what it was about?
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    Yay!! Happy 5 million posts!!! :D *puts on party hat*
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    Congrats on this benchmark I apparently missed out on.
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    The person that posted number 5,000,000 should get like a cool tag under there username!

    Just an idea. :cool:
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    well, you

    miss a few years, and you miss a lot. five million, eh? not bad. it's been interesting watching MR grow since, well, "back in the day."
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    'Back in the Day' when I didn't know about this place...

    Who posted the 5,000,000nth post?
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    I dont think that it is one person i think it is a joint effort total.
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    Some of the stupider ones of those 5,000,000 are mine! Go me!
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    it would be nice to know who posted number 5 million
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    wow! 5,000,000.. like the $1,000,000 man huh? :D
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    I think it's time for 6,000,000 contest ;)
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    Why don't you try posting number 6 million, just get an auto typer and auto clicker :p

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    auto typer and auto clicker.. you'll be an autobot after.. lol. just kiddin';)
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    Looks like it was a spammer who posted the 5,000,000th post. LOL

    Despite that (or whatever reason the post is missing), way to go MacRumors, hosts and posters alike! The best Mac community on the Internet.
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    Can we really be sure that MR hit 5M????


    Quite a feat though....

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    An, another foot fetish fan. (Nice alliteration, eh??)
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    That's quite a stretch.... no pun intended....

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    oh i thought it was a contest for one person to hit 5million post when i first read the title. i was like whoa that's nuts. but yea 5million on a forum is pretty freaking crazy.
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    crazy ... how long did it take him?
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    Woa! Go Mac Rumors!!
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    Yeah! Now, when I'm a grandfather, I can tell my grandchildren that I was one of the first 5 million people to post on the MacRumors forums... :cool:

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