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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and PowerBooks?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by srobert, Aug 25, 2004.

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    I've read somewhere on the web that Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser is great for cleaning the aluminum/titanium/plastic casings of Powerbooks/ibooks. It seems it's also great to clean the white wires. Anybody have tried it? I ordered a free sample but I'm a little affraid to try it out myself.
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    I've never used one on a laptop, but they work wonders in the kitchen. :p

    Just keep in mind that these things are mildly abrasive, so if you have a highly polished finish, the Mr. Clean Eraser is likely to leave swirl marks in the material.
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    in last year apple expo in london they handed out free samples. i tried it on the ipod and its great. i can imagine that if it works on the ipod it will also work on white cables.
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    Did it scratch the chrome finish?

    When they handed out the samples at the expo, what use did they have in mind/recommended?

    I can't find any info on Mr. Clean's website if it's safe to use their product on cumputer hardware but since they handed out samples at an Apple expo, it might be a good clue that it works fine on Apple's computer casings.
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    I don't see how it could scratch - it's softer than a paper towel. At work now, but I could check when I get home.
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    I have heard that it works well on iBooks, but i would be weary of using it on the back of an iPod unless someone tells you from experience that it will not scratch it. It probably works fine on the AlPB since it is anodized aluminum, but i wouldn't use it on a tiPB since they are painted and not anodized.
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    The surface is designed to trap dirt, so when you wipe it over a surface you're rubbing ingrained dirt across it too ;)

    Though I use it on my iBook without any noticeable problems.
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    I've used it on laminate countertops and it dulled the surface. Don't know how that would translate to a PowerBook, but I'd try it on the bottom first.
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    They are mildly abrasive--much like a super fine piece of steel wool or sandpaper. That's why they clean so well. They'll take crayon marks off your wall, but you'll be able to see exactly where you've scrubbed the wall when the light shines on it just right. I know from experience. I find that they work wonders on countertops, stoves, sinks, etc.

    Again, I'd say on a highly polished and "soft" surfaces, be careful.
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    Hmm... didn't know that. Don't think I'd use steel wool or sand paper to clean my laptop, no matter how super fine it is.
  11. jsw
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    Well, yes, you'd be well advised to clean any loose surface dirt first - but that would be true no matter what you used to clean with. :)
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    ... so... we need to clean it bofore cleaning it?
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    Yes. But clean it before doing that. ;)
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    bah - cleaners

    I just use a damp magic cloth to clean my Powerbook. It leaves no marks / water smudges. I have used it on my iPod as well with no worries. Just remember that when they say damp, they really mean damp - just enough to moisten the cloth.


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