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MR news rating

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by Veldek, Jul 14, 2003.

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    I wonder what the news rating is about. I can vote "postive" or "negative". Does a positive vote mean

    a) I think this rumor/news is right,


    b) I hope this rumor/news is right.

    This obviously makes a difference, as a rumor which I want to be true could be fake anyway. So how do I use this feature?
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    Capt Underpants

    I second that question. I think it SHOULD be whether you think the rumor has credibility or not. Anyone have any thoughts?
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    I think it means 'I hope this rumor is right'.
  4. arn
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    to be honest... I don't even know what it means anymore. :)

    It's relic from the early days, and haven't gotten around to clarifying. For now, it means what you want it to mean.

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    I'm surprised to hear such an answer from you ;)

    Anyway, now I understand why the replies took so long: I guess noone really knew the answer.
  6. arn
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    I think in general, if you are like the article (for whatever reason), you can vote positive.

    If you don't, negative.

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    Capt Underpants

    Thank you for the semi-clarification, arn. Now I will know how to vote.

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