MR Super-duper E3 Prediction Spectacular Thread of Awesomenessness

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by sikkinixx, May 6, 2009.

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    New PSP
    New PS3 motion controller (yawn)

    Software Announcements:
    GTA V
    Dead Space II
    Little Big Planet II
    New Halo Something

    I'm really just pulling these out of my ass. :)
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    PS3 price drop/games bundle?

    Alan Wake?
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    Goes on about core gamers again. Might announce 1 or 2 titles for these chaps. It'll be rubbish :(
    No major game announcements for DS.
    Sales bragging of both Wii and DS.

    New PSPage, more details on the upcoming first party games.

    Something casual to pull in the Wii crowd. Motion controls or some new casual IP.
    Gears of War 3 announcement or YAUE3G.
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    Duke Nukem ! :rolleyes:

    I have a feeling hardware wise this years E3 is going to be a case of MEH!

    With only PSP seeing any major revision change if rumors are true.
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    Ja Di ksw

    Sony and Microsoft will both come out with some type of motion control or brand new way of interacting with games. Gamers and non-gamers alike will buy tons of them, there will be shortages everywhere. 6 months later, 3rd party game publishers will mysteriously and completely stop making any decent game, occasionally mumbling about how too many people own the systems now.
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    PSP Go! or w/e they're going to call it.
    TeamICO details, maybe even a teaser trailer
    Info on the next Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, and Ratchet & Clank games

    I'm not setting expectations too high, although I may end up disappointed on the TeamICO front.
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    Pikmin 3! I'd be very happy!
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    I hope they drop the PS3 $100. That would be sweet, I might actually buy one then.
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    my predictions for Sony
    preview of psp 2

    The Big Firmware update 3.0
    voice chat ingame
    some othere cool featuers

    masive update
    Voice Chat Returns
    Pictures and Videos in apartments
    loads of new apartments
    a preview of upcoming gamespaces

    New PSN exclusives
    $300 80gig ps3 remaning 40 gigs will be $200-250 some where around there.
    ps3 Wiimote wanna be
    some big name ps3 game exclusives.
    Kingdom Hearst teaser ps3 exclusive
    FFXIII VS Teaser ps3 exclusive.
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    Gloating about sales numbers
    Another Zelda or Metroid Game(hopefully)
    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories gameplay
    Pikman 3....PLEASE!
    New Wii Colors

    Gloating about beating Sony and how they'll always keep their eyes fixed on Sony(like a real stalker)
    Some casual stuff
    3rd Party games....with exclusive DLC
    Forza 3
    1 vs. 100
    motion control thing

    Gloat about Japan sales and how they're doing good for such an expensive price....they'll have to mention how the PS2/PSP doing as well(boring)
    Heavy Rain new gameplay
    GOW3 gameplay
    Team ICO Announcement
    MAG gameplay
    PSP upgrade with the lineup of games
    PS3 Price drop($50)
    Ipet crap
    White Knight Chronicles

    I'm hoping for: New Mario game from Nintendo and Team ICO, Demon's Souls from Sony.

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    I am *this* close to ordering the Asian version of Demon Soul. That game looks crazy cool.

    If you listen to Listen UP! Shane makes it quite obvious that he has seen or knows about the new PSP. And hints that there is a way for existing owners to transfer UMD games onto it.... interesting indeed.

    And also a rumor about MGS4 on 360 plus exclusive add-on, plus APB/Lost Planet 2/new Lionhead Project from the MS side of things.
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    Fanboi: NO WAYZ! Cos D FreeSickly dunt hav BluRayz init! ;)

    But realistically - would not surprise me. We all know platform exclusivity outside of first party means very little.

    Oh yeah..... FABLE III - Stephen Fry already let slip he has done the voice work for it, so its going to be a pretty certain announcement at E3 with a Holiday 2009 release.....
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    Wishful thinking but after seeing the leaked gameplay footage for DNF I'm really hoping Take 2 gets someone else to finish development.
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    If it took them 10 years of development to get that far, it's going to take a lot longer to finish it...:rolleyes:
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    ^Well the studio is closed now so don't look for anything "Nukem" in the near future unless some brave developer scopes it up.

    I'm hearing a lot of Mass Effect 2 and Lost Planet 2 Multiplatform(PS3 & PC) talk and I have a feeling we might see a shocker this year as well.

    I wouldn't be surprised if those two titles(MGS4 also going 360) didn't make the jump because every 3rd party exclusive is going the other way...ex: NG2: Sigma, Tales and others.

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    ^ So far Lost Planet 2 is only 360 & PC. PS3 version will probably follow but...

    Another thing for the Sorny side, Crapcom is said to be ready to release up to 100+ PSone games onto PSN over the next few months. I know the NA store only has 31 games period, but if Sorny is really serious about pumping up the PSP, it is free money.

    I hope Dead Rising 2 is shown a bit more too. Made in Vancouver ;)

    Oh.. and the new Pixel Junk game should hopefully be there :D Love's me some Pixel Junk
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    Credible sources have said that we will see a big announcement from Sony at this years E3. I want a new PSP :)

    Gran Turismo 5 for PS3 and Gran Turismo Mobile for the PSP2 has been pretty much "confirmed" by a very reliable source as being stars at this years E3. This source has been correct numerous times before and his well known in the Gran Turismo world :)

    As you can see I'm a GT fan, it's pretty much the reason I'm a Playstation guy instead of a Xbox guy.
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    That was due to engine changes and redesigns. From what I heard development had actually been going well for a couple of years. With a more organised team behind it wouldn't take another 10 years to finish :rolleyes:

    3D Realms is closed but Deep Silver are still developing Duke Nukem Trilogy and Take 2 owns the publishing rights. It's very possible they would shift development over to Epic, Rockstar (since 3DR have worked very closely with both studios before) or whoever. Duke Nukem Forever and Trilogy aren't dead, 3D Realms are.
    Also:, and an apology for sending people to Twitter :eek:.
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    Yeah, that in-game joke about not having to swop disks wouldn't be funny any more, if it were in the 360 version. :p
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    HD-DVD FTW... Believe.
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    Pikman 3
    New Zelda for wii
    Maybe somthing with Okami feel
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    i sure hope GT5 for ps3 and GT mobile for the new psp comes.

    600 cars for GT5 though? i was hoping for even more cars, since we have bluray now. i mean, there was like over 700 cars in GT4

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