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MS broabband networking products

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by aafuss1, Sep 16, 2002.

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    Microsoft usually makes awesome hardware, and this should really be no different. I just hope they don't end up handicapping themselves with the software bloat they are beginning to put on things like drivers.
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    eeewwww innovation.....yeah right! Do they make mouse pads yet? Oh, and what ever happened to the MS cordless phone?
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    maybe i'm missing something, but i don't see the point. several vendors already produce these things, in some cases dozens of vendors... if they could offer a CHEAP ethernet to USB adaptor it would be cool, but then, most computers with usb would already have ethernet? i don't think MS needs to get into the wireless market, lest they try and revamp things with their own "standard"... if i was going to buy a wireless router you can bet it would be from a *reliable* company...

    which brings me to this: apple should make an Airport Base with five ethernet ports, a small network router for those who don't want to go the external router / hub & software router ways... it'd be cool... well, maybe they don't need to make one either, but at least it'd be interesting looking...


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