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MS busted for Guerrilla ad tactics in NY

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by mcrain, Oct 25, 2002.

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    Ow no, the flying butterflies of DEATH :D :D :D
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    I remember when IBM did a team up for linux, I saw all the spray paint and it was Even funnyier when they Had to pay for the clean up.
    But it MS's fault with all that adspamming. I mean who needs to hear BUY NOW, 'CAUSE WE SAID SO, so many times?
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    Just exactly what is the deal with that butterfly dude anyway? It looks like a genetic fusion of The Tick and Arthur.

    I'm telling you, somebody in charge of Microsoft's PR has simply cracked. There's no other explanation for the complete mess Microsoft's ad strategy seems to have become lately.
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    Microsoft also drew the ire municipil authorities in Sydney, Australia after it spray painted the Xbox logo on the city's streets.

    damn vandals........:eek:
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    australia is just not a good place for m$ xbox right now. the countries legal system just ruled to the effect that modding an xbox to get around region restrictions is perfectly legal.
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    Okay, if so many computers out there are microsoft computers, why don't they just advertise with their OS? Heck, why do they even need to advertise? MS is so stupid...
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    they also had a large truck driving around town, with the xbox logo all over it. the truck would stop on major roads, blocking traffic, the occupants claiming they were waiting to be towed, because the engine stopped working [blue screen on ms trucks?].
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    bar the offenders....

    They should restrict the marketing in the city if a company does something so blantantly wrong and destructive. M$ and IBM really don't care about a $120K fine when they are doing multi million dollar ad campaigns. In fact, the buzz created by the clean up is worth more than the fine.

    If M$/Nike/IBM/Snapple was then forced to remove all ads relating to that event for a period of 30-60 days, then they would think twice about such pratices. Imagine if NYC ruled that M$ had to remove every trace of MSN 8 from the city streets; including billboards, stickers on lampposts, ads on the side of buses, ads on park benches, etc. That would really hurt the campaign and make a significant impact on M$. It would be much more potent than the silly fine that probably doesn't even cover the cost of the work the city employees will do to deal with this.

    my 2¢

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