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MS Intellimouse explorer for Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Chaywa, Oct 8, 2004.

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    I have read numerous postings online saying that this mouse (although not stated) is capable of operating on a Mac. However, the one I just picked up is not. The computer recognizes the mouse, it gets to the passkey exchange step and then just hangs.

    Anyone have this mouse and have it working? Anyone had this problem and fixed it? Are there two versions of this mouse? Mine came with the mouse, cd and small USB adapter only.
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    Are you sure it is the Bluetooth version? I didn't think the Bluetooth version came with a USB adapter. There is a RF version that does come with a USB adapter.
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    I'm pretty sure that the MS one did come with a USB Bluetooth Dongle as there are not a lot (read: next to none) of PC's that have built in bluetooth.
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    Yes it is definitely BT. It has a BT logo on it and the BT setup assistant recognizes the mouse. But it's the next stage of passkey exchange where I get stuck.
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    New Bluetooth mouse.

    MS just came out with a new version of the BT mouse. its a bit different in shape and has the horizontal scrolling. The old one just has verticle. Which do you have?

    Also what OS are you running. I have the "older" MS BT mouse, and never could get it to work in Jaguar... Panther was fine though. Also if you havn't try the updates for Bluetooth from Apple.
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    I guess I have the new version with sideways scrolling. I am running Panther. Everything is up to date.
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    Westside guy

    My previous-generation Microsoft BT mouse works just fine with my Powerbook; Expose and all. (and it did come with a BT dongle, but that's sitting on a shelf)
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    So sorry to hear you got the new one. I like the old model a whole lot better.
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    I set one of those up on my sister's laptop (had to use the USB dongle) and Microsoft's little step-by-step set up assistant says to turn off the passkey (it's supposed to pair automatically since you can't very well type a passkey on a mouse). I also set it up on my powerbook and it took forever for it to recognize the mouse but it finally did and paired right away. And it sucked! It was all jumpy when i moved around and seemed to have a delayed reaction. I like having all the buttons but the old IntelliMouse drivers didn't work with it so i couldn't customize them. Hopefully when you get it paired it works better for you.

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