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    I am hopefully going to buy my first Mac, the iBook, soon because A) I am only $270 away from $1000 and B) my birthday is coming soon which means money which means first Mac (hopefully). My mom and I were discussing about what I am all going to get, she doesn't understand half the things I talk about, I'm a computer geek. I was talking to her about the Office 2004 for Students and she said we can buy the software for you but I will have to repay her. I was also looking at the $50 rebate that comes with it. My question is, would it be best to buy Office now and have it ready for school or should I wait a little bit until I have the money for Office and use something else? Thanks a lot!
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    Our classes start in less than a month. How long do you have until yours start? I'd say go ahead and get Office. You'll want to have it when school starts, esp if you're taking it to class with you.
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    My 2¢: The Student discount is pretty good. My daughter's in her Jr. year and has had to use Word and Excel (Office Mac 2004) quite frequently not only for her personal notes and function, but it has also been helpful when exchanging files of information with others. There are some work arounds with this, but I'd say go for it.
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    Thanks Guys!

    I'm going into 8th Grade so term papers are going to be on the agenda. I'm going in on the 17th of August. You know how you want to go just to see your friends but that's it? That's how I'm feeling right now. I can't really take a laptop to school because our school is that way I guess. We have Dells at our school so when I switch I won't completely be able to get rid of Windows. Our school just got new computers last year in addition to a new school for K-4 grades. I just wish they would put a WiFi network up and they would either give you a laptop or you could bring your own. Well, I'm going to go with your advice and get Office while I'm at the Apple Store. Anything else (within reason) I should get? I already have a wireless keyboard and mouse, iPod, Tungsten T2, DVD Burner. Thanks for the info guys! I will definatly post when I get my iBook, hopefully soon!
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    Go for it! Think straight 'A''s, though ;)
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    Get Office. It will be much better for interacting with other students at school, and it's IMO the best word processing/spreadsheet program (There aren't many alternatives). If you don't get it what are you going to use. Appleworks? Don't get me wrong, it was good when it was came out 6 years ago, but you shouldn't go back to that era. I just looked and it's only $99 on That's an awesome deal. I would just buy it.

    Edit: Posted right after you. To answer your question about buying anything else - I would invest in a $15 sleeve, since you probably will throw it in your backpack at some point. Other than that, it sounds like your pretty much set.
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    Thanks! My parents said that too! They also said If I get low grades, C-Fs, not really a big problem for me, they would take my iBook away! NOO! Oh well. Also, is it true that Office 2004 is easier to use than the Windows version? The version I have on my computer is 2000, got it from my dad's friend. I just can't see me purchasing a new version for $150 every year. Will the Mac version be able to be usable a couple years from now or will I have to update every year? Thanks again!
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    Thanks! I was going to get iWork but I saw Office was only $20 more after rebate. I actually have a briefcase that I'm going to keep it in that I got on vacation, South Dakota was beautiful, but I might get the sleeve. I worked hard for this and I don't want it to get damaged soon. I will get AppleCare but I will wait until my year is close to being over. Have to work for more money. Well, thanks again!!

    EDIT: Forgot to add. The last time I used a Mac was when they had Clarisworks, that was about first grade for me. 7 years ago. Went to Windows, now I'm changing back!
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    Yeah, Office for Mac is great. A old copy is perfectly useable, but it may lack some of the "eye-candy" of the new version. My Mom is currently using my old copy of Office v. X and has no problem. BTW, new versions don''t come out that often, so it's really doesn't matter anyways.
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    get openoffice it is free and is compatiable with all the file formats :)
    it is really good, try it out link
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    I tried OpenOffice on Windows and I did not like it. It took to long to load and the interface wasn't to my liking. I went back to Office. Thanks for the advice though! Appreciate it!
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    Forgot to ask. Whenever I go to the Apple Store to buy my iBook and Office, will I need to show ID or report card or something to prove that I'm a student? Thanks.
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    flash them your id and you're good to go. 8th grade huh...? Me thinks appleworks will suffice for the middleschool needs.
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    How can they take your iBook away if you saved the money for it all by yourself? Doesn't seem fair..
    Regarding software: You can save a lot of money if you make yourself familiar with Unix and GNU software. There's so much great open source software around, most of it can be installed easily with Fink ( Go and get word, though, just for convenience. If you really don't wanna spend the money, get OpenOffice (but it isn't well integrated into Mac OS X).
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    If you have any relatives or friends in college get it from their campus bookstore or their universities website. At the U-M Ann Arbor book store they have it for $42 and at the Wayne State software website they have the Professional edition with Virtual PC 7 for only $63. Ahhhh, the advantages us college kids get. :D
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    I would seriously check to see what you can get it for through your school. My univ. gave me Office X, 2001, 2004 and every OS since OSX for free. Even if it is a good deal youd get yourself if you can get it free through your university.
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    *Sobbing quietly* Ah the downsides to the crowded, budget-cut-ridden UC's. :(
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    By the sound of the OP posts, it sounds like they are in middle or at the latest High school so they can't get the software from a university themselves.
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    Thanks for the info guys! Can't wait to get my iBook. Unfortunatly my sister got out of college last year so I can't get the discount. Oh well. Thanks again!
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    if you're in 8th grade you dont actually qualify for student discount, i believe--only for college students or any sort of teachers. i had to use my mom's (elementary teacher) discount on my emac :eek:

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