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MS to get fined 2 trillion dollars by the US Government??

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by vniow, May 9, 2003.

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    Don't you just love psychosoft, you'd think they'd have figured out this security buisness by now wouldn't you.

    They'll just pass it to a tame judge as usual and end up paying a few grand.
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    Re: MS to get fined 2 trillion dollars by the US Government??

    Oh man! I wish something like this would happen. Stuff like this has a way of getting settled behind closed doors with no one around. It's like when Martha Struart was gonna get nailed. I was like "Yeah! She is done for!", but then she got away with it. M$ probably will too.
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    I've thought for years that Microsoft is analogous with a locomotive that is accelerating faster and faster toward an impregnable wall.

    Each transgression gets more attention than the last and eventually one will be that wall. Personally, I thought the "Adventure in Antitrust" would be that wall, well, boy was I wrong. But I do feel it did move that wall closer.

    I wonder if this could be it? Or is it just another bumpy weld in the tracks...
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    LMAO! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! That's soooooooooo funny! $2.2 trillion! :eek: OUCH!

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    heh, yeah that's great, two words you thought you'd never see in the same sentence "bankrupt" and "Microsoft", heh.
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    Yeah.... of course they are going to be fined 2 trillion $ :rolleyes:
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    We know, why must you trounce upon our happiness?
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    hehe, I know, I know...but one can dream :D
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    heh-heh... maybe we should all change careers.... like to Judges.... ;) :p :D

    And we have more than enough around for a biased Jury too!! :D

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    Great fine...Made my day. But imagine if they DID have to pay...Would that spell end of microsoft? (would never happen though..)
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    Yes! That kinda fine could spell the end of governments! :eek:
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    MS would buy an aircraft carrier, a few nukes and secede Redmond from the Union before parting with $2.2T
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    I thought Redmond was already it's own country... :D Look at what they have gotten away with.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if MS already had nukes...

    It'd be great if they were fined that much, but they probably won't...
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    It would be nice if all of us who have a PassPort gets $11.000 :D

    ****e, they won't be able to find me, I lied about my address when signing up. :eek:
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    If Microsoft were to be destroyed, then what do you think would happen? Would Apple soon have 95% of the computer market? If that happened, what would happen to Intel and the x86 architecture?
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    HAHA. microsuck will never actually get fined 2.2 trillion....though that would take care of one hell of a big chunk of the national deficit.

    all the same, M$ doesnt HAVE 2.2 trillion, and typically these regulations have clauses that prevent them from running a company under or even damaging them beyond a basic punitive measure. But they should get a hefty fine for it anyway :D
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    ahahahahahahahaha! ahahahahahahaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaahhhhahahahaha..............................deep breath..........hahahahahahahahahaha!
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    Easy now. Breathe. Oxygen is good. Need a paper bag? Stay away from the light!
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    Sorry to burst all those bubbles of elated glee, but w/o Microsoft, Apple will have no reason to innovate, and no, I don't think Apple will just keep innovating as hard it is now w/o Microsoft the Juggernaut chomping at its heels. Also, the downfall would ruin a whole f---load of other mega-blue-chip companies (Intel, AMD, every gaming company in existence) since they'd lose a MASSIVE chunk of their consumer base w/o Windows
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    I understand what you're saying, but I disagree with some of your points. If Apple had no competitors, they would make more money. If they had more money, they could make stronger machines, and have cheaper prices. Just my opinion.
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    That reminds me Dr Evil asking for a "trillion of a trillion of a trillion dollars" and then he show the video of the White House exploting in Independence Day:D

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