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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by kjdenison, May 4, 2004.

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    Build numbers if anyne cares, beta was the pictures that were floating around here...

    The beta one was : 4.0.0 (040204)
    the final one is : 4.0.0 (040331)
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    They have no reason to bring the Mac version up to the Win version. It doesn't make them any money.
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    Well neither does the Windows version, since they are both free.
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    thats exactly how i see it, i mean apple brings quicktime updates to windows and itunes at the same exact time that mac users get them. Its the same for anything with microsoft, office is always behind, messenger is WAY behind. It seems to me like they should build for both OS's @ the same time. Am I way off on that?

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    I'm not trying to bust your goiter or anything, but I'm willing to bet MS has a very small dev team working on Mac applications, therefore you'll always see limited or delayed products. Windows is also Micrsofts' flagship OS and has a larger user-base. The amount of ppl that use MSN on a mac... or the MSN client on the mac is prolly not worth MS' time to invest a lot of time and money into.

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    i want the windoze features but i dont really care anymore msn sucks only reason i have it cuz other ppl do :(
  8. 7on
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    For some reason this installs a new keycahin...

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