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MSN recommends Firefox over Internet Explorer

Discussion in 'Community' started by Nermal, Jul 6, 2004.

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    I submitted this to MacBytes but it didn't make it up :confused:
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    Yeah, its cause of that whole IIS/IE bug that only effects windows computers. Prolly didn't get on macbytes because its not really mac related but windows bashing (yeah!).

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    You know what I love? MS won the browser wars by giving away IE for free and implementing it EVERYWHERE. You couldn't spit without hitting something that came with IE.
    Now the tables are turned with FireFox being free and IE being a buggy, PoS that has more holes then a handful of air.

    And the even more beautiful thing? MS isn't going to fix squat. They don't have the resources available. I can guarantee you that their current focus is Longhorn Client, Win XP SP2, Windows XP reloaded, Longhorn Server, and whatever version of office they are now working on. Any updates to IE are going to simply be patch maintenance. Mozilla is a wily fox that is way more agile and nimble then MS. They are going to be able to implement and execute new ideas and tech WAY faster then MS could. I think long term MS is screwed when it comes to the browser. And all I can say is HAHA! :D
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    This is what gets me. And why people so easily back MS. They just don't get it. They do no understand security and how MS deals with it nor do they comprehend why using IE is the best method to securing your computer. Stupid, stupid people. :rolleyes:
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    What I don't understand is why doesn't activeX run in a "sandbox" so it cant interact with the system (install apps/delete files) etc, only the browser...
    I guess the whole point of ActiveX was that browser plugins could take advantage of Win32 APIs, therby tying the internet into windows at a programming level. Security was probably another matter altogether...
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    because the sand is chafing.
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    I wouldn't call myself a webdesigner, but my ventures into web design have enlightened me to how sucky IE really is. I never liked IE, but now I just plain can't stand it.

    HORRIBLE CSS support. IE displays many CSS things wrong. And Mac IE is the worst of them all. It can hardly display ANYTHING right. It's pitiful and there is no excuse for it's horrible css support.

    But to make it even worse, MS has integrated IE so tightly into the OS that they won't be releasing a new version until LONGHORN! So I have heard at least. I'm not really keeping up to date on longhorn dates ;), but isn't it slated to be released ~2007 or later? Something like that?

    They really think that they can get away with having crappy standards support for the next 3+ years? Well, I'm sure they can, because people don't know **** about computers. period.

    ugh, by the time MS releases longhorn I'll be a total misanthropist because of the stupidity of these sheep we call people!

    Sigh, I need some mint water,

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    You got that right.
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    At work I can't install anything. I have to use IE for stuff. I guess that's your point, more the sys admin than lowly me, but some people couldn't use something else even if they wanted too.

    Then again, I don't care what happens to the work computer. It ain't mine. :p

    Doesn't MSN have it's own browser, MSN Explorer? Or was that just a pretty-fied version of craptastic IE?
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    Apple Hobo

    It's both sad and scary that most people don't know about alternatives to MS and Winblows. On another message board I frequent that has absolutely nothing to do with computers, I see people asking how to remove spyware and other MS-only crapware literally on a daily basis. I always cringe when someone posts about "the latest" virus/worm. And don't even get me started on those horrible driver/DLL f**k-ups. Ask about a "simple" USB problem and you'll have the PC tech posters spewing off about hard-to-find drivers, BIOS crap, complex installation procedures, etc.

    Spread the word to your PC friends: Dump all things MS and find a good alternative! They exist, but you have to be willing to seek them!

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