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Mujjo's Conductive Gloves Swipe to Unlock on a Cold Day

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 30, 2012.

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    One of the biggest issues with the iPhone, especially amongst those who live in colder climes, is the tricky question of how best to answer the phone while wearing gloves. Hip-Hop producer Will.I.Am noted on the car show Top Gear that he wears fingerless gloves in order to use all his touchscreen devices, and claimed that capacitive touch gloves weren't fashionable.


    Fashionable or not, a Dutch company has created a set of gloves knitted with silver-coated nylon fibers in the fabric. The silver in the Mujjo gloves makes them conductive and touchscreen compatible, and, according to TechCrunch, they work as designed.

    Mujjo's touchscreen gloves come in only two sizes, but stretch to accommodate the largest of hands. They are available from Mujjo's website for EUR24.95 (about US$33) plus shipping. These aren't the only touchscreen gloves on the market, but Mujjo's pair work as advertised.

    Article Link: Mujjo's Conductive Gloves Swipe to Unlock on a Cold Day
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    Only 2 sizes??

    For $33, are they twice as good as my Agloves?

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    Target sells gloves with conductive fingertips for a whole lot less. My wife uses them and says they work as advertised.
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    Do they do them in mittens too?
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    At the department store where I work we sold hundreds of these gloves in just one weekend. They were much cheaper though (same brand).
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    It seems to me your ability to perform multitouch gestures would be... reduced... if you were wearing mittens.

    I have a question... how firmly can you hold your iPhone while wearing the gloves? I'd be worried about the iPhone slipping clear out of my hands...
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    There should def be an advertisement disclaimer. These types of gloves have been around for a while, and there's nothing unique about the ones from this company (other then the higher cost).
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    And which store is this?
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    I'm not sure how conductive gloves are any more or less fashionable than regular gloves... Will.I.Am you are a strange little man.

    Anyone know where you can pick up gloves like these in Canada? I mean actual stores, not just buy online and get them shipped.
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    Where in Canada?

    In Montreal, I bought a pair at Winners for $9.99. They have full hand sensitivities, not just fingertips. They're made by Timberland, I use them for ice skating, warm enough, light, work 100% well.

    When I bought them, they were the only pair left, if ever you can't find them, My Cup of Tea (tea store) is now branching out and sells iphone/iPad gloves too :


    My gf bought a red pair and they're fantastic, a little warmer than mine and better finish around the finger tips.
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    Better than Agloves?

    I agree with lodenmuse. My Agloves cost $17.99 and look the same as Mujjo's, perform well and keep my hands warm. I cannot justify paying double for a glove that performs fine. I would rather just get a 2nd pair as I lose gloves easily.
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    The north face etip gloves


    These have been pretty popular especially since the Gadget Show featured them last year just as it snowed in the UK.

    Durability is a bit questionable in the conductive fabric. I always trash liner gloves so might not be the best judge. They have a grip print so you don't drop the phone too.

    peace out
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    Get your favorite gloves and buy some conducting thread ($12) and weave it in a few of the fingers. There saved you 20 bucks.
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    Just this week I bought a pair of Glider Gloves from my local Mac shop in Richmond, BC and they're awesome. On sale for 20 bucks, same silver woven through, and the best part is the rubber dots throughout the palm and fingers that mean you won't drop your phone. And yes, the dots are also conductive...

    Looks like they're available across Canada: http://www.glidergloves.com
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    Anonymous Freak

    Anyone know of any that aren't knit? I want gloves that actually keep my hands warm, and are at least water resistant... (I currently wear suede outer/fleece inner gloves. I can't put my hand in a puddle and stay dry, but they do great against rain.) I have a few pairs of knit gloves, but they don't do squat to keep water out, and once wet, are cold.
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    Love the Top Gear reference. I'm not sure how it's relevant to this page, but I welcome it nevertheless. The new season is off to a good start :)
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    What a useless piece of news.

    I've been using my €5 conductive finger gloves for months.
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    Not the first to do this for sure. My wife has the Agloves which are pretty much identical to the gloves in the "article," if you can call it that.

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    Specifically these.... http://www.itouchgloves.com/mens-itouchgloves/mens-itouchgloves-style3004m.html

    They look tight enough to have good accuracy, soft enough to be amazing classy leather, & water resistant. However, $195 (or even $95 for their cheapest) is painful to think about, even more so without being able to test them out first or watch real world videos besides like "in house" promo vids :-/
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    Anonymous Freak


    Wow. I've owned probably a dozen pairs of gloves over the years - and I don't think I've spent $195 on all of them combined!
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    much better the following www.skingloves.it
    they're regular wool gloves knitted from 70% high quality lambswool + conductive fiber
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    Don't they look perfect though? Nice leather, tight fit, 100% conductive so any part of the glove works.... The most I've spent is like $50 for some "nice" leather ones though :confused:
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    Yeah this is nothing new from GloveTips.com, Agloves.com, or any other brand...
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    Umm, if this is an advertisement, there should be a disclaimer. I'm beginning to question this site's quality and ethics. There are so many random, un fact-checked articles these days it's sad.
  25. JAT
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    Ah, written by small marketing people, no doubt.

    I'm questioning the whole-glove-conductive thing. Anybody actually try some, have opinions? I kinda like my fingertip-only gloves. They give me the option of touching without "touching".

    I realize hands are entirely conductive, but you can also feel with them, unlike gloves.

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