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Multi-touch interface on MacBook + MacBook Pro?

Discussion in 'Event Archives' started by CJYetman, Jan 9, 2007.

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    If the iPhone is using OSX(Leopard?), does that mean macs with two-finger aware trackpads might inherit some form of the multi-touch features like resizing photos by 'pinching'? Like live zooming in Preview by putting both fingers on the trackpad and dragging them apart. That would be cool. :)
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    Sounds like a possibility, but with the iPhone, those features are more of a requirement. You can do everything else on a MB/MBP with a mouse or trackpad. Plus, does it look like they care about computers anymore? GadgetWorld '07 should have just joined the Electronics Convention in Vegas.
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    That would be really cool actually, they had something like that for PC's a while ago i seem to recall. It was a touch screen keyboard that you could program your own keys for or add your own buttons depending on what you were doing.

    And Dancertom, I was just thinking that myself. I wonder how much apple's computers are gonna be hurt by the huge focus on gadgets...
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    Well I honestly doubt that it's going to matter. Once all the buzz from MW07 dies down, they'll have a week or two breather, (all's quiet on the Mac front), and then the rumours will start flying again about what the amazing new features on Leopard will be. Then the hype for the computers will be well and truly fired up again, and everyone will have forgotten about how they listened to Jobs shift the focus of Apple Computer Inc. away from computers, to become 'Apple, Inc.'.

    It's just a shame, because so many people have been disappointed today. And 'Apple, Inc.' doesn't seem to be bothered.

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