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Multiple iCloud Accounts?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by Noisemaker, Oct 26, 2011.

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    Ok. I have three MobileMe accounts. Two for work, one personal.

    I've always used my "main" work one for everything with MobileMe, and had the other two as secondary - essentially mail only.

    Will it function the same with iCloud? Anything special I need to do?
  2. macrumors newbie

    This all idiot-proof. Is it not, Noisemaker? There should be no need for you to consult with us underlings about how to make it work. IT JUST WORKS!!
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    Yeah. I posted this before I even started the process or looked into it. Turns out it was indeed idiot proof, and "just worked" - hence why I didn't bother to revisit this thread. The migration in total took me about thirty minutes - the majority of which was spent letting my emails download to Mail. Actual migration of each account took less than five minutes. I thought about posting the process to help anyone else with the same question, but it was literally so easy that I saw no need.

    I currently have all three working perfectly. Still.

    It's nice that I caused so much spite in you that you actually sought out one of my threads to try to make a point though. It gives me a serious case of the warm fuzzies. :)

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