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Music app: scrolling through all albums by an artist

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by gowanis, Sep 19, 2013.

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    I'm aware this has been mentioned in other threads, but it's bugging me so much that I wanted to create a dedicated topic.

    I like ios7 overall, but this issue is driving me crazy. Why oh why must I scroll endlessly to find an album or song. I have a bunch of artists that have 10+ titles. I don't want to scroll through every song to find what I'm looking for. I'm amazed they released the app with this logic in place. Also, the albums don't appear to be in any order. They are not alphabetical nor by release date.

    Since this is not a bug, but rather a design decision, what are the odds of apple changing this down the road? Slim to none.
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    For me, when I choose Artists at the bottom, I then get an alphabetical list of all the artists on my phone. If I select one, I then get a scrollable list of albums by that specific artist, sorted by release date.

    I dislike the fact that it's done by release date, and that I have to scroll quite a bit to get to a current album if the artist has a dozen or so albums.

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    It's quite possibly the worst mistake yet.

    A have a lot of artists with just a few songs each... It still breaks them up. I can't just view all songs in alphabetical order and choose one. I need to know the release date order of tons of albums.

    You can only see 3.5-4 artists at a time now, even.

    It's certainly tough to use while driving now.

    Apple is obsessed with their idea of the perfect iPhone user.

    My question is this... Did the iPod touch get this update too? I can't see why not, but I also can't imagine using an iPod this way.
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    The order doesn't even matter that much. I just want to be able to select a specific album from a list of albums by an artist. I don't want to see every song from every album listed while I'm doing this lookup.
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    Yeah, I agree. Taking this out was weak.

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    Behold! I have found the solution (for now).

    The built-in music player in SoundHound works just like the music app in iOS 6.

    It even uses a dark color theme.

    SoundHound just paid for itself!
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    They should've just sticked to the name list or at least make the pictures smaller.I hate the new layout for artist and albums and I really hope they fix it soon.
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    Best workaround for easy scrolling through an artist's albums is to search for the artist in the search field. Scroll through the albums in the search results.
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    Agree with the original comment. It actually takes longer now to find an album because of all the scrolling. On the subject of order, I prefer order by date rather than order by title. I've always thought its better to see the progression of an artist through their albums to see how they have changed musically over time.

    My one annoyance with this is that Abbey Road is listed before Let It Be for the Beatles. Yes, I know it was released after Abbey Rd but it was written and recorded before. Just call me a Beatles obsessive.
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    If the dates are the same I suspect it then goes alpha by album title.

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    There truly is An App For That!

    I use Spotify and have never really used the Music app much so I kinda presumed its library was walled off... but it appears not!

    So really anyone unhappy with the default Music app might wanna look for a 3rd party alternative, you might be waiting a while for Apple to fix theirs.

    Be interesting to see if there are any nice looking iOS 7 styled 3rd party music apps that have the basic functionality that Apple's is missing.
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    I think you are correct. However in this case Abbey Rd was released in 1969 and Let It Be was released in 1970. Like I said, it is listing it correctly by definition but if you are really pedantic about it (like me) then it should be the other way round based on when each was written and recorded
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    Here in Canada, no spotify. No iTunes radio. No Pandora.

    Our Netflix also has some content lacking issues but at least they gave it to us!
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    Yeah, but it's simply going off the id tags in the music files, and that information isn't there for it to work off of.


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