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music DL on carracho

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by mnkeybsness, Oct 21, 2002.

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    anyone know of any good FREE and FAST servers with full albums of music on carracho? i just started using carracho for music because there is no block on it like there is on the limewire port at my university...i would use my computer and it's 20 gigs of music as a server except i could get kicked off from using the network here forever if i would get caught sharing out outside the network....

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    i dont think....

    I dont think your alowed to discuse that kind of topic on this site
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    i'm not looking for files or programs...just music
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    And this music you're looking for... you own the CDs that have these songs on it, right? :p Otherwise it's not legal...
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    Over Achiever

    Ahh...another thread headed to the wasteland...:rolleyes:
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    hmm...discussion of warez/pirated software & files...

    sorry...gonna close this down... :(
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