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Discussion in 'iPod' started by yomnym, May 21, 2009.

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    I updated not too long ago to the latest Itunes software and then i realized that instead of having all my music files inside my music folder now i have a music folder and tons of other files with all the Artist names and inside the actual music files. Its a little disturbing becomes sometimes i just transfer my music from the mac to my pc and now im going to have to go into each individual artist folder to select them music. Anyone have any idea as to what could have caused this switch. Im planning on reinstalling OS X again to get a fresh install since the notebook has been running a bit sluggish.

    Thanks alot for any advise/suggestions.
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    What does it mean to have files "inside the actual music files"?

    To transfer the music, just drag and drop from within iTunes. No reason to even look at your Music folder.
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    The OP means that his file structure is ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/(folders with artist names)/(individual tracks). If this isn't the way you had it set up originally, at some point the library may have been consolidated. File->Library->Consolidate Library is the path. Another possibility is that the option for "Keep[ing] iTunes Music folder organized" in the iTunes Advanced preferences may have been enabled at some point as well. Sadly, this is the exact folder structure that iTunes requires if you allow it to manage your music.
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    Thanks for the translation! :) Although you forgot to add an Album folder inside the Artist folder if necessary.

    Regardless, I think my solution should still work for the problem he described.
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    What both of you guys said is correct.. i do remember going into the settings and most probably selected the "keep files organized" option. I didn't know though that i could drap all the music from itunes to another folder and that would make everything alot simpler. thanks alot

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