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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by amholl, Mar 23, 2005.

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    Ok, just got my new 80G Lacie-Porsche external HD. Its beautiful. Anyway, I am transferring my music on my iMac to it over USB 1. Its gonna take 7 hours :eek: Once it is on ther my goal is to delete it from the iMac and use that as the source for my music library on my iBook. Is that possible. If so how do I do it. Also are these drives reliable. Amazon said so and I was wondering if yall had an opinion! Holla back! Peace!
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    I did this by creating a symbolic link to the external HD from the Terminal, but I think that you can actually set that in iTunes in the Preferences. I just did it the hard way because I was moving a lot of my Home directory folders to another drive.
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    how do u do it through terminal? Whats the command line? Also it seems to be copying about 1 GB extra as i have 15G of music and its copying about 16G. Any reason?
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    Not sure of the exact syntax but it would something like this:

    sudo ln -s path/to/old/library path/to/new/library

    I never remember if its old path new path or new path old path. The extra gig could be the library files that iTunes uses to track the songs, but a gig sounds big for that.
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    iTunes:preferences:Advanced and there you can change the dir...

    do this before you import the songs to your library on the iBook, otherwise it will first start to download them into the local dir...

    my music is on my 80GB D2 LaCie form when I first had my B&WG3, later it moved to my Ti-Pb nd now its connected to my G5... I only added music in time... never moved it from the drive...

    I don't see why you would like to do this 'the hard way' because the easy way is easy and so logical ;)

    but that's up to you :D

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    OK, it stopped.I dont know why. When started over it said that there was something busy in iTunes that could not be changed. Des that affect anything? Is there a faster way to do this than usb 1.1? :confused:
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    is firewire an option?

    does your iBook have USB 2.0 or firewire if not on the iMac?

    could use AIM or the like to transfer your files to the iBook for faster transfer to the External, 1.1 is painful for large transfers

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