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Music listed incorrectly on 4G

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Seventh, Oct 1, 2010.

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    Just curious about a minor issue. Noticed that songs, albums and artists are listed incorrectly [seems to be that J titles and names are listed as K, Q titles as R] on my 4G. Have synced the same library to my 2G and all appears listed correctly on there. Any ideas as to the cause?
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    Things like The, Or, And, aren't counted as words.
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    Am aware of that, that's not the issue.

    J and Q are missing from the album, artist and song lists. Albums, songs and artists that should be listed under those letters are listed under K and R respectively.

    J and Q are present [with music listed correctly] when I view the same library on the 2G and also present when I view the same library through the Apple Remote app on the 4G.
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    Should be some images below [resized 4G screenshot, left. 2G, right.]

    [I have no knowledge of how James Blunt - or Kasabian, for that matter - found their way on there. This need not be addressed.] :p
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    Well both iPods are jailbroken... No iPod touch has the battery %
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    The 2G is jailbroken, the 4G is not. Battery percentage indicator can be carried over to the 4G from a backup which had it enabled in SBSettings.
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    Its still not the Original OS on the touch 4th gen. So it was restored from a backup. That backup has jailbroken code in it and is put on your new touch.
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    Whatever the case, it doesn't appear relevant.

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