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music making software??

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by krossfyter, Feb 26, 2002.

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    im in search for some good audio, music making, software for the mac. problem is i dont know which is actually any good or what. whats a good program to use for making music on the mac? any free ware?

    i know that BT and MOBY both use a mac...so what kind of software do they use..anyone know? i would imagine it would be expensive.
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    hmmm... i guess no one knows so far. well..hopefully i will get some help.
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    i found some software called Cubase...but i dont know much about it yet. Apperantly Moby uses it .
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    Logic Audio

    You have a variety of options - one of which I use (Emagic Logic Audio 4.7).

    Logic is pretty good and Logic 5 is coming to OS X imminently. Logic and Cubase are the main contenders as far as MIDI and audio sequencers are concerned.

    However, have a look at ProTools Free (at www.digidesign.com) and also Digital Perfomer (don't have a URL) which also do a lot of the same things, but are more complicated.

    One thing I would say is that you're well-advised to look at www.macmusic.org and post on their boards. It's a helpful site.

    For a good magazine to get you started on Mac Music try Future Music or Sound on Sound (www.sospubs.co.uk)

    Best of Luck!
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    Much thanks dunepilot. I went to macmusic and i posted there. Im new at music making so i need something more on my level but can do what the pros do...if any. Also If possible I would only want freeware. Thanks again for the help.
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    Check out http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/mac/
    You'll find every demo and shareware for music you could ever want.
    Be sure to download the Propellerheads Reason demo while your there,as it is an excellent,fairly user friendly self contained music machine that will likely get your groove goin..
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    The free version of ProTools is most definitely the way to go for someone just starting out. It is very full featured, though your effects plug-in choices will be limited as most good ones for ProTools are not free. Other than that, this program will handle nearly everything a beginner would need: digital audio and MIDI recording, a top notch editor, etc. Very nice.

    I've also had some experience with Cakewalk Metro. Its a decent beginner suite for Audio and MIDI recording. I got it via a student discount so it was really cheap.

    If you don't have a card with a professional quality digital audio converter on it, you really aren't going to get professional quality sound no matter what you do. That new Analog to USB converter Digidesign put out is interesting though...it is only $500 or so (its very cheap compared to pro cards and hardware) and seems to offer similar sound quility.

    My beef with all of this is that nothing is available for OS X yet!!! It seems that audio software is going to be the last to port to OS X. Makes me vey sad.

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    Thanks red eye, mrtrumbe and gocyrus.

    Yeah it would be nice if i could get music making freeware for mac osx right now. I hear Logic has thier crap almost ready for osx.
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    does that demo work in classic mode??

    Drugs are bad.....mkay?
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    Firsty, gocyrus, for someone who was not going to give any BS you sure did write out a lot of BS... why not just write out every well known commercial release and a few others to go along with it.

    Just to push the previous points, if you want free, go Protools. If you really get into music and willing to pay I see 3 options but 2 that I like. To get it out of the way, I was never into Cubase but it is a very good program if you use the features it has (you never did say what in music you are doing).

    Logic is my choice and with an OSX version 'round the corner it is a HEAVY contender. I have not seen in a long time because I never used it but they used to have 2 MAJOR versions of that software, micro and regular. There have always been variations of the regular version to accomodate different specific needs but the regular version is flash and has not only great MIDI handling and support BUT FANTASTIC audio handling.

    On the other hand, if you are gonna look into PCI cards and other real Pro type stuff, I feel, and MANY other high users feel, that there is no option outside of a good ProTools set up.
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    Digital Performer, although still a non X-native, is the most robust digital audio software package out there for a reasonable price tag. I've been using it for two years now and have not found the learning curve to be too steep. Plus, the documentation is very thorough and easy to understand and reference to.

    My $.02
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    much thanks dudes. does logic have a demo or can i get it as freeware?
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    Unfortunatley, it has been a LONG time since I have seen a demo for it but, if it is any help, Jamiroquai love it.

    Might be an idea for you to try and get a <pi>R8 ;) copy of the software to test out and, if you like it, you can get a beautifully boxed version for OSX when it arrives.
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    This link http://www.emagic.de/english/products/logic/c_audio_mac.html has a comparison chart of the different versions of Logic. I know, for me, Platnium makes like wonderful but I could get away with Gold. All depends what you want the software for, really.

    Also, as a point of interest, if you do ever get into cards, Logic has a large support range, inc. Protools equipment.

    To start you off though, I would use ProTools Freeware or that app that Apple is supposed to be bringing out, according to other threads. ;) ;)
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    i just want to make trip hop, funk techo music all on my computer actually. i want to rock on my tibook.
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    Well, as long as you are not intending to do much effecting in your sequencer, Protools Free should be ok. Logic, however, gives lots of effects and so forth as well as the ability to do things like pitch shifting and scaling of an audio track without changing the pitch. All the stuff you would want from a sequencer and more.
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    Techno, etc.

    For that type of music, you might be better off getting one of those sets of software geared for the beginning electronic music artist. ProTools and the likes are great for musicians, but for someone just breaking into recording and playing music, there is a bit of overhead.

    I remember Mac Addict having reviews of beginner recording software geared for techno, hip-hop, etc. They looked pretty nice. They really aren't for a serious musician, but their price tag is small enough to let beginners experiment. I record acoustic fingerstyle guitar and they even appealed to me. They just looked like fun apps to create electronic music with.

    If I can find any info on the web about these titles (I can't even remember their names!) I'll post them.

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    well.... in the past i was using rebirth..when i was on a peecee....now im a mac head and im looking for something that can be pro level but also can be used by begginers. ive seen them basic music softwares and i thought they were chessy....but maybe thats not what you were talking about. i mean i want to create some of that style of music (of which i expressed above) but have the option of incorporating wave or midi files, incorporating voices from the internet ...etc. etc... i really need something with creative freedom. my first project goal is to mix philosophical talk jargon over a drumn bass/propellerhead groove base. coded language. ive got some wild ideas so i want credible software that allows for creativity. if i can get some freeware for now....awsome.!
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    Actually, I would like to get a new copy of Rebirth. I think it was when I upgraded to 9.0, it no longer worked.
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    i guess you dig rebirth. why? just asking. i didnt know anything else....maybe some fruity loops but thats it. whats the latest rebirth for the mac....and is thier freeware for it? is it any good? would i be better off with protools or whatever else?
    thanks for the help.
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    Well, these days, Fruity Loops ****s all over ReBirth though, to my weak knowledge, it has a price to go along with its extras. ReBirth is just a nice, simple program for making nice, simple sounds.

    I have been out of the Rebirth loop for FAR too long though and have no idea what it is up to. As for it vs. ProTools, they are really made for different things. ProTools is a real recording and sequencing device where as ReBirth will make the music for you.
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    well thats exactly what i actually want..something that will make the music for me and all i have to do is create and click, think, create, import, adjust, click, create...etc. etc. you get the point. i dont want to have to mess with external devices.
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    so i guess protools, cubase, logic or bias is not for me...huh?

    then what is? on the mac that is.
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    Sorry, forgot to mention, Fruity Loops is Win only so emulator out or software gets the kick... I'll let you decide

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