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Music Promotional Software

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by mrjohnnyglass, Aug 9, 2012.

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    Hey Gang! I'm looking for some design software and was wondering if y'all had any recommendations.

    I'm a musician by trade here In Austin, TX, and a lot of time for each show I end up spending 2-3 hours per show designing a flyer in Illustrator, with not so good results.

    What I'm looking for, is software that will allow me to insert an image, maybe quickly add an effect or two (vis a vis Instagram, Snapseed, BeFunky, etc), then add some text. I've tried editing on my phone then bringing over to pages for my layout, but it's not a very friendly workflow, and there has to be something more elegant out there. Any ideas?
  2. fig
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    Any reason you couldn't just modify the photo on your phone via Instagram/Plastic Bullet/whatever, place that in your file in Illustrator, and add text?
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    Not really, I was just hoping for something i could do all in one on my new rMBP. I'm not a graphic artist, mind you. It's just something that "goes with the territory" of being a broke musician not able to hire people to do this.

    Plus, doesn't Instagram/PB/etc compress files down so that what I originally shot on my 4S isn't at the same resolution or quality after editing?
  4. fig
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    Totally understand, I used to do lots of posters and cd artwork for my broke musician friends :)

    And they probably do to at least some extent, I've never experimented with those for any sort of production. If you're shooting the right kind of photos, however, you probably won't notice too much (i.e. look for artistic/textured sorts of subjects and not sharp focused type stuff).

    Really, easiest way to do this would probably be in Photoshop, just import your image and place text. And I've actually just found there's a desktop version of Plastic Bullet that might be useful for you.

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