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Music swappers 'dismiss legal fears'

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by edesignuk, Aug 2, 2003.

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    Just goes to show how little an effect these threats from the big labels actually have. I couldn't give a hoot either :D :eek:
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    I guess that I just happen to be from a different culture and era. Personally haven't downloaded any illegal music. The news from the RIAA put the fear into me!
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    I agree with the fact that filesharing is illegal and the RIAA has the right to do something about it. But this is a witch hunt. I don't care what they say this is an invasion of privacy. If the RIAA wants to do something about it they need to protect their information better. Not try to punish other people for the industry's lack of forsight and heavy handed stubborn ways. Their unwillinginess to adapt is the problem. I think this is now a last ditch effort that will not pan out for them.
    What was the last figure i heard...Some estimate that it would take 2000 years for the proceedings to finish
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    Another sign of our get-what-you-can-get-while-the-getting-is-good social mentality today. Lots of people completely disregard how their acts describe who they are.
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    So you're saying you want MORE protection on CDs? Yeah right.. that'll be great.

    What we need to do is start shooting 15 year olds who steal music carelessly.
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    haha i dont care either, but i have stopped because i dont know how far this will go. but i am glad to know that sbc announced they wont hand me over if they did file a suit against me. thanks sbc, probably wont go to cox now.

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    All that will happen is that technology will work around the fact that today's sharing programs allow the users to be identified.
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    So you're saying I am a dirty-rotten criminal? Ha! Me and a couple billion other people then; huh!?!
    You are being sarcastic, aren't you?
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    wow, and we can get rid of the cops and use street justice. what else can can we shoot if law was your way?

  10. Wes
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    Or the RIAA could just fade into the past like they should, and a fairer deal for the artists and people could be made. I have not bought a cd in... 4 years. They're not getting any of my money.
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    *APPLAUSE* :D Me neither! The current price of a CD single is just extortionate, I will not pay it. Album prices aren't as bad, but then most of the tracks on an album I don't want anyway, which still makes them expensive for what I want.
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    See thats what i am talking about. The RIAA is being stubborn and inflexible in their ways. They've jacked up album prices. And are forcing you do get music in a manner that is outdated and old fashioned. If they would have embraced a liberal itunes like service in the first place, instead of attacking napster, they would be making money instead of spending it on legal fees. Not everyone wants to buy a whole Album because the majority of the time it's 3-4 good songs then a crapload of filler. Yes their are exception but this is the status quo.

    The RIAA has only themselves to blame for this. They allowed artists to produce crap then they promote the hell out of 1 or 2 songs on the radio and MTV, to the point where people just want those 1 or 2 songs. they could careless about the rest because frankly they aren't good. I've bought CDs because i've like the 1 or 2 songs on the radio and been really dissappointed with the rest of the CD think about that in those cases i paid roughly 7-10 dollars a song because i didn't listen to the rest.
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    I agree. A generation has been created/is being created that thinks they deserve stuff for free just because they can't afford to/don't want to pay for it (not just music but games and apps as well).

    I know that a small percentage of P2P users are truly motivated by politics (i.e. they are actively working against the majors and working w/bands so they don't get screwed in their record deal)but I think the vast majority just want to get something for nothing and think they are "733t" because they use an idiot proof P2P app to "out smart the man."

    Not being judgemental (seriously, I'm not) just voiceing an opinion.

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    oh i completly agree. i steal music, and i dont feel bad about it. its not because im against the RIAA, its just its so easy to get and and i never have to get up, which is also why ive bough some music on iTMS. it is just to easy to do and way to many people do it for someone to stand out to get caught, so people do it. only reasons movie companies are doin alright because like me, most people dont want to watch an awesome movie bootlegged on my powermac. today i downloaded italian job and 28 days, but i dont feel bad because they are both movies i payed for in the theaters, and i will be first in line to buy them both when they come out on dvd. i just like to download them to watch a couple of parts i may have looked over the first time i watched it.

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    Yeah thats my thread over here...

    :looks out window:
    Why is that person dressed in Camouflage... what is that?
    SNIPER RIFLE?!?!?!
    :MrMacMan is shot dead:
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    Your brutal and refreshing honesty almost made me blast Dr Pepper out my nose.

    Keep up the good work. :D

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    This whole situation is an excellent example of what happens when you write a law you can't enforce.

    The whole drop in sales is more due to the fact that the record labels have decided to only turn out rap artists and Justin Timberlake carbon copies. When the sales drop it must be due to file sharing beacause no one will EVER get sick of 500 identical Britney Spears and Snoop Dogg type artists.

    They desperatly need new blood or to promote the decent bands instead of exiling them. I don't buy CDs from the "big 5" anymore because all of the music they turn out is ****. Plain and simple.
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    The whole drop in sales is more due to the fact that the record labels have decided to only turn out rap artists and Justin Timberlake carbon copies. When the sales drop it must be due to file sharing beacause no one will EVER get sick of 500 identical Britney Spears and Snoop Dogg type artists.


    I think that is a great deal of it. But you're forgeting other factors. When you pay 14 dollar per cd, with, i don't know, 12 songs, it is little more than a buck per song. Compare that with the prices on the online stores (except itms): First, You have to pay a fee; second, they have a limited number of songs, so it may be possible you do not find what you want, but you've already paid the fee; third, the per song price is almost identical to the per song price when you buy a cd.

    That is outrageous: you are always getting a lower quality product at the same price. People forgot that mp3, aac, wma, are lossy compression, so some data is always lost, even more if the encoding is at a low bitrate, as 128. It should be at least 256, to even compare to the quality of a cd (if you use good speakers). Also, you're not getting the artwork, lyrics, etc, and they put restrictions on the use, so you are forced to listen to it only where they want to you to listen

    And if you don't think thats enough to make you not to buy digital music, there is always the possibility of getting the same song, at a better bitrate for free. I would gladly pay a fair price for digital music, when the RIAA allows that. For now, i still d/l the music from kazaa, soulseek (great for rare mp3), and if i like it, bought the cd. audio quality is extremely relevant for me.
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    The RIAA is acting like a spoiled child with a handgun.

    "Wah! we want things to go back to the way they were!" <BANG>

    "We want to collect more money for inferior product!" <BANG>

    "We hate you! We hate you! Give us your money!" <BANG> <BANG> <BANG>

    I'm not sure where i was going with this, but you get the idea....:)
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    They only have one bullet left?
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    All depends

    All depends... on the gun they use. ;)
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    The RIAA site is here;


    Occasionally :D

    I download music, but I also buy it. There's no way I'm pumping MP3's of my favorite tracks through my Hi-Fi, I want the best source material I can. Also I've bought a number of CD's because I've downloaded a mis-labelled track and liked the artist.

    AppleMatt (does not endorse malicious attacks of any kind)
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    the mp3 revolution could have been the biggest boom for the RIAA ever. they were/are just waaaay to slow to adapt. My musical horizons have broadened almost exponentially because of mp3s. you can listen to something new without having to plunk down $20 on a gamble. If you like, you can go out and buy the album. Seems like there are a ton of opportunities for them to make money here.....
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    this is what i would get if i were you, since i dont know your budget i will just throw this out. i will get the logitech 5.1 speakers apple sells for your sound. i would get apple's 20 inch display, it is very bright, crisp and also has an awesome refresh rate, games do not look laggy on this screen , i hook it up to my pc and play games and it plays perfectly. i would also get televio, it connects through the pci slot vs most usb connections like eyetv. comes with svideo and composite outputs to hookup your gamecube directly.


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    Errr.... anyway... :p

    back on topic... try before you buy is a wonderful thing. I keep discovering new bands I like and I purchase a much wider variety of music now than I used to.


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