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Must have iPad apps?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Mjmar, Apr 12, 2010.

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    I bought an iTunes gift card the other day just so I could buy a few apps for my new iPad, but after browsing the store for awhile nothing catches my attention. Apparently plants vs zombies is awesome, but idk if it's worth 10 bucks. Anybody have recommendations?
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    NFS Shift seems fun, PvZ is definately a good buy too.
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    Need For Speed Shift is freaking awesome, worth every penny. Zombieville HD is only $1.99 and worth getting too if you are into that type of game. Let's Golf HD is a blast and has beautiful graphics. X-Plane 9 for the iPad is Amazing, check out Dungeon Hunter HD If you are into RPG games.
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    So I guess when you wrote "apps," you really meant games, right?
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    Geometry Wars: Touch for iPad is a really fun game for $10 :)
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    Sleazy E

    Plants vs zombies is awesome!
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    If you mean "Apps" instead of just games, then GoodReader and Air Video are must-have apps.
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    Have you been able to beat the Drifting levels of NFS shift? It's kind of frustrating having beat everything else (including stage 4-7) but I can't get more than 50-60 seconds drifting so I can't get that fastest car.
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    Real Racing for fun and Flight Control
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    Sorry, haven't gotten to that stage yet but will let you know if I actually pass those Drifting levels. :)
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    Netflix free
    Air video free version is limited-try it/2.99 full version
    Zombie attack bridge defense has free version. Really fun/addictive
    Scrabble 9.99
    Epicourious free
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    No, I meant anything. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
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    heh. watch, in 10 years we'll call anything a software developer makes for any platform an app, thanks to App..le.

    "hey did you get the new Halo app? How bout the new Gears of War app?"
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    how fast is air video?

    any good over 3g tethering? Man, Im so excited to tether my 3GS
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    Dammit Cubs

    can Airvideo be used to as a file directory for offline videos like lets say for an airplane trip.
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    No, sorry. It's streaming only. Very good though.
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    you mean instead of videos?
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    Dammit Cubs

    I mean can you upload video on the ipad like Good reader and the airvideo will transcode it for you. Or do you need a server (main computer) to run it through...
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    you can put videos on your ipad via itunes
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    Real Racing HD, N.O.V.A HD, Dungeon Hunter HD, Low Grav Racer 2 HD, Fieldrunner, The Elements, Asphalt 5, Cocoto Kart HD online. They are some good ones I think.
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    I decided to resurrect an old thread to ask the same question..

    Buying my first iPad soon, what are some must-have apps? I didn't bother looking at the responses in this thread as I figured they'd be outdated answers. I'm already planning on getting GarageBand. Any others?

    And I'm sure this is a basic question, but even if you purchased the iPhone version of the app, you also must purchase the iPad version separately, correct?

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    Yes, you need to buy the iPad version if the app isn't universal (with the little plus sign). Universal apps run on both iphone/ipad without pixel doubling (2X)
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    TabToolkit for guitar tabs
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    I already bought the Ultimate Guitar tabs app for my iPhone. Is TabToolkit much better?
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    ITether to leech off your iPhones data plan.

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