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must haves?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by TroyBoy30, Dec 1, 2010.

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    Looking to pick up the second gen ipad and I'm bogged down with all the accessory choices! I've read and searched everything here for days and I'm simply more confused than I was before I started looking!

    I'm leaning towards a Portenzo case and PS screen protectors but wanted to get input from you guys on what the must have accessories are!

    I assume that no stand would be needed if I have the Portenzo case correct?

    do you guys suggest accessories such as the wireless keyboard?

    what else do you consider a must have accessory?

    thanks in advance. I know the regulars have to be tired of these threads!
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    Perhaps you should wait to actually have it in hand. Unless you're confident that it will be identical in form to the current one.
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    yea I'm not going to purchase anything until it's announced! Just getting my plan together!
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    Same goes for the plan. You never know what's coming next. It may be that it's the identical form factor, it may be that there are front/rear cameras -- who knows? If there are changes then there will be different cases out there (especially if the camera thing pans out). Just wait a few months and see how you're actually going to use it. I ordered the iPad before release along with the docking keyboard. I have used the keyboard exactly once*. Planning ahead doesn't make sense unless you know how you're going to be using it, and what "it" is.

    *I also have a bluetooth keyboard for my iMac and I used that with the iPad about once as well. Just didn't suit my habits.
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    iPad 2 camera lens supplier leaked.

    I'm thinking the new iPad will change in appearance. I think it will have the look of the iPhone 4...squared off. Two cameras; front and back. So with that said, i wouldn't be purchasing anything or even putting together a list of what to purchase, because "This changes everything...again!"
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    To many to list...
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    i hope it isn't squared off like the iPhone 4, the curve on the back of the iPad makes it comfier to hold than what i'd imagine a squared off back would. i would think that it's going to stay similar to the iPod touch's design more than the iPhone.
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    The iPhone 4 design makes sense for a small phone (you can grip the sides and pick it up with one hand), for the iPad it's a bit unwieldy.
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    Pick a few that you like and do an in-depth search on the customer reviews...good way to sort through so many choices.
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    Waaaayyy too early to be looking at accessories...as others have pointed out...that may not be able to be used with the 2nd gen iPad.

    I know you're excited about your future purchase, but this thread is really just a waste of time as nobody knows what the 2nd gen iPad is going to look like, and if it is different, there will be a whole host of newly-designed accessories.

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