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MWNY Info...

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. arn
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    YourDailyMac posts their "insider" information on the upcoming MacWorld Expo. They claim updates to the iMac (800mhz-1ghz) and PowerMac (1ghz-1.4ghz duals) at MWNY.

    Overall, specs and iMac updates seem unlikely, and historically, YourDailyMac has not been very accurate.
  2. arn
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    I don't believe that the iMacs will be updated at all at Mac World NY.

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    I'm not sure to be honest... but that's because of Apple's recent form of announcing updates on the sly... without the razzamataz...... bells and whistles.....

    Not that I want an iMac, but it'd be cool if they junked the 15" and bolted on the 15.2" from the TiBook....... once you've gone wide..... normally screens just don't measure up...... :)

    I think MWNY is going to belong to the new Powermac G4's (not a G5) and OSX 'Jaguar'........... and maybe some form of digital device....... :) if the iMac does get an update, it'll be minor speed increase, and certainly not worty of a keynote.......
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    I just dont see a jump of 400Mhz! There have always been 133Mhz jumps. I hope I am wrong though.
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    It does seem like a large jump doesn't it........ 400Mhz.... and some people even talking 500Mhz........

    The speed issues and lack of large increase is down to the chip maker, and Apple can only use what's available........ if Motorola could make a chip that would run at 2Ghz, then Apple would make that jump and ignore the speeds imbetween..... Apple doesn't say to Moto "Now we only want a 133Mhz increase Moto you hear!!?" unfortunately Motorola has been struggling in recent times, so we've see only small increases....... I'd like to think though that we'll see a larger jump than 133Mhz at MWNY...... 133 doesn't have to be the norm........ and depending on Motorola's recent development maybe able to break this annoying pattern.......
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    I think that if Motorola had a 2Ghz chip ready apple would not use it straigt away! The fact is that they get more money for using the chip speeds in- between. Thats just business. I think we will see a 1.2Ghz tops (200Mhz is still more than usualy + with DDRAM thats a reasonable speed increase).
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    a 400Mhz jump could happen, but a dual 1.2Ghz that cheap ?

    last time there was a pipeline stage increase to get the clock speed higher, we went from 500Mhz to 733Mhz, I don't see how going from 7 to 12 stages (or is it 10 ?) wouldn't mean another huge leap.

    I mean, It's a definate that a 1.2Ghz G4 is possible, someone's already overclocked a 1Ghz G4 to that speed so judging from previous line ups, I think it might happen.

    That entry level model won't sell much with such a powerful mid range model, although I imagine that's the point of the pricing scheme.
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    For sanities sake, let's not start a 1.2/1.4/1.5 Ghz battle in this forum. Have a nice day. :D
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    Thats pretty much what the opening comment was about! Its going to be an ongoing debate until the event! Get used to it!

    As far as I am aware, there will be no changes in the pipelines (sticking at 10) which make me wonder how we will suddenly get a 400Mhz jump.
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    RE: pipelines (sticking at 10)

    10 pipelines ?

    wow, I thought we only had 2 vector, 1 integer and 1 floating point pipeline.

    maybe that was the older G4 or something.

    I know the PPC7450 and 7455 have a 7 stage pipeline and the older PPC7400 and 7410 had a 4 stage pipeline but if the new ones increase to 10 or 12, surely we'll get more MHz at the expense of instructions per clock cycle.

    saying that, the original G4 could manage 2.41 IPC, the newer one manages 2.31 IPC so if it drops by 0.1 IPC for ever 3 pipeline stages, we'll have pretty fast macs even they do have almost 3 times the stages as the original G4.

    Personally speaking all I'm interested in is running loads of RTAS plug-ins and getting high polyphony out of software synths, I don't care what advancements/compromises are made to the design of the CPU. "fast" will do, I don't care if it's a 1.2Ghz G4 with 7 stages or a 2Ghz G4 with 12 stages, if it screams at what I want to do with it, it's fast enough for me.
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    The quoted specs for the desktop look a little lop-sided to me. A twin 1.2 GHz beast with 256MB of RAM is like a Formula one Ferrari with a 2 gallon fuel tank.

    The MHz isn't the main thing to watch out for in the next release ...
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    The speed increase~

    I think that Apple is fully capable of putting out a 1.4 or even a 1.5 chip.

    The question is WILL they?

    They had the SOI chips that were running at 1 GHZ for the powermacs
    and the powerbooks came out with the 800.

    I dont think it was because of heat issues or anything like that.
    I think its because of sales across a span of time.
    There were a lot of powerbook sales on the 800 model because REV C is the Ti SWEET spot, no doubt about it.

    But Apple knows that a 1 GHZ Ti is a whole new sales cycle that will bounce cash flow. Hell there are a lot of people that are waiting for that magic number. Not I! I got the Ti 800, shameless self grandizing!

    History will back me up on this, I am certain.

    I am sure that they could have upped the PowerMacs to 1.2 a while back instead of the 1 ghz. But it was a great number to reach and coulnt be bypassed for psychological reasons.

    I think that they have higher chip speeds waiting in the wings!
    A company this big always has tech in the pipeline!

    So, I think that the 1.5 exists but will not arrive till the other speeds are milked, sales wise.

    I dont agree with the method of speed baiting!
    I think that Apple is losing more than they gain with these type of methods.
    But its their Modis Operurandi, How do you spell that word?

    <Hey is that a new term < Speed Baiting > >

    I would be contented if the new chips out are 1.4 with DDR RAM.
    I truly doubt that it will be 1.5, thats a whole new MacWorld!

    I believe that they should pounce on the Pcheese world and destroy them.
    In just sheer ego points for all involved, it would be worth the lost projected sales across the year and made up for, in new users that jump the Wintel ship to cruise the Mac daddy of ship lines.

    There must be some business model that says that this is a bad idea.
    Perhaps Apple thinks that people will not jump to OSX because of speed increases, and that the increase will arrive anyway eventually and they can have their cake and eat it too, after having milked the Mac Faithful for all their worth!

    Thats a lot of cash flow, I am certain!

    Yet as one of the faithful, I cant help but feel slightly betrayed because of the scenario that the faithful float the costs so that Pcheeser's can come on board when the all the hardware issues are resolved. And I am left with the need for more speed and yet another computer purchase after I buy whatever is out the MWNY.

    Yet, I suppose thats the nature of the beast, someone has to pave the way
    for the lost souls in M$ land.

    Isnt that always left to the faithful?

    Speed Baiting Speed Baiting Speed Baiting < Say it 30 times fast >
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    Bunch of hooey

    It's BS folks. There is no such this as a GeForce3MX.

    Then a Combo drive in a $1300 iMac?? No way. To expensive a part for that price point Apple product.

    1Ghz? Hopefully. Pray for L3 cache too.
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    Re: The speed increase~

    I think the term is well known in fishing circles when trying to catch herrings with an amphetamine addiction.
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    Seems Doubtful

    I don't want to argue with the Powermac Specs.. but I have to disagree with the iMac Specs. I bet they will drop the lowend, and move the middle and high end down and price and just release a better highend, maybe a iMac SE or something like that.

    OS 9.3? Seems dubious. The preview edition works fine with 9.2. The only reason I could see would be improved classic support, but it seems good enough already.

    By the way, with a Geforce 2MX, Quartz Extreme rocks.
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    There probably won't be a 1.5 ghz PPC unless Moto has managed change the multipliers or Apple uses a frontside bus that is not expected. Do the math:

    1500mhz / 133mhz = 11.27(multiplier) <- not going to happen

    1500mhz / 100mhz = 15(multiplier) <- not going to happen since 133 or 166 is expected for working with ddr memory

    1500mhz /166mhz = 9.03(multiplier) <- this is possible only if Apple goes with the 166mhz frontside bus which no else is doing officially.

    now if you figure up 1400mhz, it all makes sense.

    1400mhz / 133mhz = 10.5(multiplier) <- This is really the obvious choice for frontside bus so it doubles for the 266mhz ddr ram that will likely be installed.

    1400mhz / 100mhz = 14(multiplier) <- possible but extremely doubtful...really only likely if they go with the last generation of rambus memory

    Now of course there might be something like a 1.53ghz cpu but that kind of jump is extremely unlikely.

    Me? I'd like to see Apple get the jump on the PC folks and implement dual channel ddr. This would give folks something to talk about when comparing bandwidth to the current winner in the latest rambus.
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    new powermacs

    I think all we will see is the Xserve guts in a new tower case. Which is not a bad thing. It would be nice to see the 933 mhz chip go to the top end imac with the 1 mb L3 cache. Do away with the 800 and 933 towers, just two levels of PowerMac's, but both with dual cpu's.

    (33mhz chip in a Tbook wouldn't be hard to take either :D
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    Will there be a bump for the Titanium of any significance at New York?
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    Re: Titanium

    Not a chance! Maybe in September/august time.
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    If I am not mistaken, Apple usually updates their product line every 5 to 6 months and has for a while. The only occassion I can remember of this being not so was the addition of the Combo Drive to the Rev. B Powerbook G4s a short while after the DVD version was released. However, I do not see the need for even a minor update to the current powerbooks right now.

    I assume that answers your question, Curiousstrngmint.

    Fear the King.
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    I'm very sceptical of the 9.3 rumour. Apple have already had a funeral 'ceremony' for OS 9, telling developers not to worry about it anymore, and to concentrate of X. Why then would apple themselves be working on? 'Do as I say, not what i do'??? Doesn't seem likely. It would be sending out all the wrong messages to developers.
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    First of all, skeptical of OS 9.3 or not, this was a rumor predicted over 6 months ago by macosrumors, saying that OS 9.3 would be the last stand alone classic OS. 9.4 and 9.5 may follow, but may only run in conjunction with OS X.

    Second, my assumption for 9.3 would be that since some folk still run classic and that OS X/OS 9 integration may still need to be improved for stability, Apple may be making this classic update appear/run more stable than previous versions, while adding support for Bluetooth, DDR-RAM or Firewire 2 (I do not think OS 9.2.2 has this support...correct me on this if I am wrong). Otherwise, with the upcoming computers OS 9.2 would be impossible to run, since it probably lacks compatibility with certain new features that may be integrated into updated computers.

    So although OS 9 is "dead" for developers, OS 9 is not "dead" in the fact that an update is needed in order to run updated computers in classic.

    Fear the King.
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    Re: Re: Titanium

    Hmmm...how about a price drop? I have to leave for college mid-August, and I don't want to buy a laptop in the middle of September. So should I just buy a titanium now, or wait? If nothing's going to happen I'd like to have it now. :)
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    i can't wait to see the new case...

    the B&W G3 was a revolution (that side door!), but i'm ready for a new revolution. anybody got any ideas about what it'll look like?
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    Utterly unrelated

    On a complete tangent, what do people use for mp3 downloading??

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