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Discussion in 'Mac Peripherals' started by e²Studios, May 1, 2005.

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    I just picked up one of these to replace my Wireless intellimouse, i must say the difference is DRAMATIC. I love this MX 1000, it was a bit pricey but the accuracy is astounding. Logitech's software seems to be pretty good too! Anyhow just a little plug for a great mouse, now get off the chair and go get one..


    On a side note i forgot to buy toner...
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    It is a great mouse, and tough to boot. My dog got ahold of it one morning, and tried to chew it, but not even a dent.
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    Unfortunately its damn expensive here in the UK.. much more so than the US. Could one of you owners of this mouse do me a massive favour..? ;) Could you take a pic of the usb adaptor, so I can see whether it will do what I want with my iBook.... Thanks. :D
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    this helpful?

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    Yeah, the MX1000 is one frickin' awesome mouse. Priciest mouse I've ever bought, and the best mouse I've ever used. Seems like a good deal to me :D
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    Where am I looking? Generally, what I want to see is whether it is like a dongle, like the D Link BT thing, or a wire coming out to another even more external dongel, if you see what I mean. I cant see what I'm looking for it that pic, sorry. :(
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    just thought i'd post this: sam's club (discount warehouse) has 'em for $59.99 if anyone here's a member. im happy with my mx510, but my next mouse is going to be the bluetooth version of the mx1000 (if it ever comes out.) used a friend's and they're great mice.
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    Basically, the MX1000 is god's gift to man. :D

    So many customizable buttons...and the battery life. I basically used my computer about 4-6 hours a day, everyday. The battery in the mouse lasts 2 weeks before it needs recharging.

    It is a beautiful thing.
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    I just got really tired of my mouse being unpredicatable in CS, and Maya.. This will cut down on me cursing at the cursor moving at odd times.
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    Here are pics of my set up with wires all hidden.

    It has a wire to the base/charging station.
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    Graeme A

    Top piece of kit!

    I have to agree with the comment that this is sent from the Gods. I moved from the standard 1 button Apple mouse that came with the PowerMac and I have to say that I was blown away at the responsiveness of this little thing.

    When I first plugged it in, I was amazed that I was going across the 20" screen by moving the mouse an inch or two... Now I am used to it, it's fast, accurate, and it's got more than 1 button!!!!

    I used the MS mice with the work PC all the time but this is just so much more, and it was less $$$ than the MS mouse, and best of all, I don't have to keep shelling out for duracells all the time.

    I will agree that it was expensive at A$120 or 50 quid but I am so glad I did.
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    I use my MX1000 wirelessly.

    I bought the logitech laptop cordless mouse which comes with a small wireless RF reciever.. logitech sells the dongle with several of their mouse now.

    The dongle works just fine with MX1000, no wires :)
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    I was comparing this mouse to the mx900 which is bluetooth, i.e. no dongles. The mx1000 is cheaper, but I have a powerbook and I really don't want any dongles, wires, bases etc.
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    How do I instal this mouse on a mac??
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    Plug it in. It just works, if you want to program the buttons, you need Logitech Control Centre LCC (Logitech Control Centre).

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