My 15'' BTO powerbook RANT

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by g0gie, Nov 1, 2005.

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    So I ordered the new powerbook the moment the apple store was online and was very excited! I waited a week and it finally arrived at my doorstep last wed. I upacked it in all its glory, and loved the speed of the 7200rpm drive when it booted up. I then run apple hardware test to make sure all is good and then .... ERROR!!! The rear right fan in the powerbook was not turning on and displayed an error. I called up applecare and they had me ship it in to get fixed. They recieved the laptop last friday and since has been on "hold". the particular hold is for "contacting apple engineering". its been like that for the past 5 days... On top of all this Im hearing numerous complaints that the screens have problems with horizontal lines and flickering... I better not have that problem!!! That woudl warrent a second trip back to applecare. SO ANGRY!!! FRIGGEN APPLE QUALITY CONTROL SUX MY POOP!!! you would think that they would test their BTO powerbooks BEFORE they ship them... bastages..
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    I'd have the ***** too. Just think, you're one of the lucky 1-2% that have those problems :D
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    I bet theres a lot more than 1-2%, but its just that it doesnt go reported. Enthusiasts know what to look for and scrutinize what they get extensivly, while the average joe shmo uses his comptuer less than 30 mins a day and couldnt car less really
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    Well no one computer is 100% error free no matter what you get, or how much you pay for it. You can order a $26,000 PowerMac G5 and have it arrive DOA. Its a machine, it may have problems.....
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    It's a brand spanking new Powerbook and they won't just replace it when it has a defect on arrival?
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    Because that would be a LOT more expensive than just repairing it and pretty wasteful.
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    Hmmm... but as a consumer you have the right to expect a working machine out of the box without the hassle of having to return it and wait for a repair.

    Or maybe things just work differently over here? Apple didn't even offer to repair my faulty Powerbook. As soon as I said I'd only had it a day, they arranged for a collection.
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    Well, it's a machine. Things happen. Parts fail. Better it happen now, than on the 366th day, when his warranty runs out. (or after three years and one day when apple care expires)
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    it depends on the symptoms it's reporting, nomad... i assume they asked you for info on the powerbook before "collecting" it.

    some issues are known to just require a component swap, etc, while some are a clear indicator of a completely dead machine that is cheaper to simply dispose of than to repair.
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    Oh yeah I agree completely but I'm not saying nothing ever goes wrong or that it's Apple's fault. However they should make good in the way that offers the least inconvenience to the customer.

    If you've been sold a defective item in the UK the supplier is obliged by law to refund or replace the item. A repair is an option but only if you're happy with it.

    Like I said, Apple have been great at replacing things that I've had problems with over the years so I was just a little surprised.
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    Yes they did ask me for details and they were about to talk me through reinstalling the O/S until I said it was a brand new machine. I didn't have to argue.

    As I said in my last post, suppliers should be sorting out the problem in the way that least inconveniences the customer and that's generally how it works over here... you always get exceptions but that's the general rule. If you've been sold something that's defective and the fix isn't something that the user can't fix (like a software issue) you have the option of a refund or a replacement.

    Just found this bit about UK law...

    The law says that goods must be:

    of satisfactory quality – goods must meet the standard that a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory, taking account of any description of the goods, the price and all other relevant circumstances. The quality of goods includes, for instance, their appearance and finish, their safety and their durability. Goods must be free from defects, even minor ones, except where these defects have been brought to your attention by the seller.

    I suppose I shouldn't have expected US law to be similar.
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    Goog if I was you..I would have demanded a new one to be shipped to my house. Its defective....and if the fan just needed to be plugged in it should have been taken care of. If its a logic board thats just bull*****. You have 14days to get a refund..I would call them up and have them honor an ex return on the laptop. Just in case after 14 days they dont turn around and say "we cant return it because theres a work history on the SN#" Well Good luck.
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    Heh... it'd be kinda funny if they didnt plug it in in manufacturing.
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    g0gie did not complain in the right tone, otherwise he would have gotten another BTO pb shipped to him 2-day express just like i did. the 17" i received last wednesday has a misaligned screen and a dead pixel.

    i called apple and complained that the screen was misaligned but said nothing about the dead pixel. they told me to take it to the apple store to have a genius look at it. i did and the genius looked at it and he agreed with me. i brought it back home, called apple the next day (Sunday), and they said they would send me a box so i could ship it back to them to have repaired. i put my foot down and said NU UH! i stated the powerbook was defective out of the box and i want another brand new one shipped to me. after an hour of arguing on the phone, they finally agreed. my new BTO powerbook shipped from Shanghai last night/this morning and should arrive hopefully tomorrow or Thursday. i have my fingers crossed that it's in better condition than my current one that i will be shipping back as soon as i get the new one.

    g0gie, i feel sorry for you. apple took you for a sucker. =(
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    My PB got the horizontal strips too..

    It is there, and I know it is there, but compared to my previous Thinkpad.. it is not all THAt heinous :(
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    You guys have me looking so hard for horizontal lines now - I'm obsessed! Every so often I think I see them - but the lines I see are VERY close together and hard to see. Is this something you have to look hard for, or is it really obvious in the ones that have the lines?
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    It's definitely something you have to look hard for.

    I was in a store comparing the old 15" PB side-by-side with the new one. I was able to notice the horizontal lines on the higher-res display, but I have to wonder if I'd have noticed it without knowing beforehand... I think I would have. When I pointed it out to the script-kiddie salesboy, he just acted like I was crazy. "Hahaha! No I definitely don't see any lines [you crazy detail-freak]," to quote him exactly...

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