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My 21" Apple Studio Display just died!!!!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Mr. Anderson, Dec 9, 2002.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Ok, so it was a nice big monitor, so what if it cost a ton and weighs just as much. I need to get a new one fast. The only thing is I don't want to spend a ton since I'll be getting a new machine with dual ADC monitors later next year. The 21" that died is on a 450 MHz G4 that will be used a lot until I buy a new machine and then, who knows, maybe a mp3 server. So I'll need a halfway decent screen - should I get another CRT or go flatscreen?

    And then what to do with the 75 pound dead weight.....

    D :(
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    I will pay shippin if you want to send it to me. I dont want to make it work, i would just hang it up or something.

    Oh, save your $ and get a CRT, then get phatty monitors next year/
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: Hey

    Yeah, I'm thinking of selling the case on ebay, might make a few bucks. If not, I'll look you up. I'm thinking a 19" CRT will be fine - now, which one?

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    Cool, well I would be interested in it...

    But I have a ViewSonic A70f (Flat Screen) monitor. It has awesome colors, but its a little small. If I were you, I would pick up the A90f for around 220 dollars, its a 19inch. My brother has it, and it is friggin nice.
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    CRT until next year

    OR, get a sony monitor and keep it as a dedicated something machine. maybe use it a second computer. i have seen people convert cubes into pcs. not with wires haning out either. just requires modding. otherwise, get a cheap, real cheap 15" and wait til next year when you get ur bigger better machine. oh and stay CRT to cave money.

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