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My 6G Nano running setup (watch band, bluetooth, Nike)

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Sonicjay, Jan 4, 2012.

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    I've been wanting to get a 6G Nano for a while now (despite having an iPhone 4S), particularly since seeing the different watch bands out there. I thought it would be really cool for the gym to replace my old blue shuffle that got run through the wash. I was also tired of headphone cables bouncing around and catching on stuff. I did some research before buying, and came up with a combo that is working awesome for me, so I thought I'd share.

    * Nano 6G (obviously)
    * iWatchz Q/Q2 series band (black silicone)
    * Kokkia i10s bluetooth transmitter in black
    * Motorola SD10HD bluetooth headphones

    This combo works fantastic, and I totally love it! I use RunKeeper on my iPhone to track my runs (I have a buddy who also uses it), and use the Nano for music; I just started trying the Nike+ on the Nano, and found that it wasn't too far off for not having GPS or anything. I calibrated it tonight after my run based on the info from RunKeeper and will try it again tomorrow to see if it's right on.

    Hardware notes:

    * iWatchz band, $25 - Super light, very comfortable, and rock solid. There's no way the Nano is coming off of there on accident. There's a tab on the belt clip that locks into a slot on the band housing, which snaps in with a solid click.

    * Kokkia bluetooth adapter, $49 - this thing is tiny; smaller than it even looked in the pics, and you can't even tell it's there.

    * Motorola SD10HD bluetooth headphones, $89.99 - I had purchased Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Bluetooth earbuds first, but they wouldn't fit my ears, and wouldn't stay in, so I returned them and bought these. The SD10 headset is a million times better; it has a fairly tight grip that "clamps" around your head and over the top of the ears. It isn't going anywhere without being pulled off. There are controls on the sides of them, but I don't use them really.

    Now, I could just pair the headset with my iPhone, but I really like having the Nano on my wrist to be able to double-click the sleep/wake button and skip songs, even with warm gloves on in the dark. For those wondering if you need anything else to use Nike+ with the Nano, you don't. Just the Nano. I'll see tomorrow if the calibration made it dead on, but it was pretty close already.

    I got the Kokkia bluetooth adapter from Amazon.

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    Nice setup!
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    Well, I went running again tonight after doing the calibration last night, and it was definitely closer, though it was still a little off due to my pace being slightly quicker tonight (GPS measured on my iPhone). So, it's obviously not as good as having a true GPS tracker, it does a decent job, and if you use a treadmill on consistent settings, it would probably do fairly well (whereas a GPS tracker would be useless, since you're not moving).
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    Whats the difference between the iWatchz Q and Q2. The Q is at Apple for 25$ but the Q2 is 40$

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    From their site:

    "Featuring the same soft-touch silicone bands as the Q collection, the Q2 adds a level of style and durability by replacing the Q's polycarbonate clips with beautiful matte silver anodized aluminum clips."
  7. AndrewR23, Jan 6, 2012
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    which one do you have?
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    The regular Q.
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    Thanks for the info. How was the accuracy on your recent runs?
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    It definitely improved, but two days later, I went running with a buddy at a faster pace so it was off again. If your pace stays the same, it's fairly accurate, considering it has no GPS, and is more or less a pedometer.

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