My Aperture Gallery (another one on Macrumors *sigh*)

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by icloud, Jan 15, 2006.

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    Stunning photos. There's a lot of talented photographers on MacRumors--cool.
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    Very nice and artistic, I especially like image 9 on the second page. What camera do you have, a Nikon D70?
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    Those are awesome... i love image nine on the first page...
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    great pictures!
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    Those would make AMAZING desktops!;) :nudge: :nudge:
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    Mike Teezie

    Very nice, icloud. How easy is it to make online galleries with Aperture?

    What's cool is your image of the lock,


    I shot something very similiar a few months ago when I was trying to get familiar with my new camera:


    I like yours better!
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    You just click the new Web gallery button, drag some pictures in, pick a template, and press publish to .Mac.
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    The site is nice.... but your photographs are outstanding. :cool:
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Thanks for sharing. Some great images.

    Can we have a unified thread for Aperture Galleries though?
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    I couldn't agree more!
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    To respond...yes I am using a nikon d70s
    18-70mm kit lense...which is just killing me because im dying to expand more into both macro and scenery photography...needing a macro and telephoto lense :(
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    Beautiful! Thanks for posting those.
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    very nice pictures! I also like how you give the shutter speed. Keep up the good work.

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