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My Applecare covered 2008 MBA hit the dust, will they fix or replace it?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by gotsmartz, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Hey all,
    My 2008 Macbook Air was slowing down and overheating so bad, and I was going to bring it in for that, but on top of that the harddrive died too and the i won't even boot anymore(white screen). It still has Applecare til May. The laptop is in PERFECT condition, not a scratch, still looks new. Will Apple repair the laptop or replace it? Will they replace it with the same one or a newer model? Could I pay to have the SSD instead? I was thinking about bringing it to the store or calling them up, not sure which is a better option.
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    they will repair it
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    It will be repaired, and if they did replace it then it would be with a refurb of the same model. However if you want to upgrade to a SSD then you could try asking them and they probably will let you pay to have it upgraded.
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    Most likely, they will repair the necessary components unless your mba has had a history of major repairs done to like (like logic board repairs). Replacement, IMO, is out of the question. Oh, I doubt you can pay money to upgrade the hdd, but it is worth a shot.
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    Sounds like a pretty easy repair to me. Replace hard drive. make sure the fan is working, blow out the dust and re-apply the thermal compound which has likely dried up.
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    The general Apple Policy is 3 repairs to the same part = replacement. So if the MBA is chewing through HD's and you have needed to have 3 replaced, they'll give you a new one. Or if you have the Logic Board replaced 3 times, then they'll give you a new machine.

    You could also have a case if they take it in for repair and you wait two weeks+ for parts to come in (this has happened lately with people and the hinges on the older MBAs - the parts aren't always available, so people end up with new machines after a few weeks of being without one... not the best solution).
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    thanks for the advice guys! I'm fine with it being repaired, but the thing is I leave to go back to school halfway across the country in a few days, so with a harddrive replacement and possible logic board replacement I can't see them fixing it in time. I feel like they are going to tell me tough luck, I have to wait, then it will suck because my parents will have to ship it to me or something, and my dorm mail gets lost so much so yea, sorry to be complaining here haha
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    Usually it's a 7 day turn around time which is pretty fast for most tech repair but based on the fact you have Applecare and so much is wrong with it they may just order you up a replacement. Thank you for admitting that you were complaining because I was about to call you out on the sense of entitlement. :p
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    ummm no.....apple never replaces laptops with refurbs, unless its a refurb unit when you bought it.

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