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My AppleTV with OSX experience! (High res shots)

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by taylorwilsdon, Apr 2, 2007.

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    Please digg if you genuinely appreciated so that other people can see this. I don't have ads up and every hit costs me, but its all good.

    Basically, this thing is a real computer substitute no matter what anyone says about too little RAM or too slow a processor. Its a tiny powerhouse! :apple:TV!

    Edit - I will have Elgato EyeTV hybrid up soon for people to check out. This is also the perfect DVR and its definitely fast enough to record HD broadcasts.
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    I see no evidence you are running osx on that thing.
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    Uh, right...?

    Maybe you forgot to look at the pictures. Or read the words. Or click the link.
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    Looked at them all. All but 2 are of the itv taken apart and the other 2 are of nothing but your laptop. It says it has firewire in the pic. I notice you don't put a pic of the About this Mac window there, its cut off.
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    Click on picture eleven or four or, smart guy. I'm happy to take any other pictures that you might like. The laptop is there to show that its not connected to the screen.

    People like you make the internet awful.
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    You don't have to be a rotten poster. I was just saying there is no evidence. Sorry if your hoax has been exposed. I will look again ok.
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    Can You Make External USB2 HDs The EyeTV Recording Drive?

    Congrats on your success and courage. Can you run external USB2 HDs off a USB2 hub attached to the USB2 port for recording EyeTV HDTV to 7200rpm 3.5" 500GB-750GB HDs? i.e. run the Hybrid off one of the hub's ports while hooking a USB2 external up to another port on the hub?

    How is it connected to the internet?
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    Sweet work taylor! I'd be interested in how that ElGato Hybrid is coming out; did you use an existing USB hack or did you make your own?
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    A hoax? Thats what I'm talking about when I say rotten things. I'm happy to take any picture showing it running however you would like to prove myself to someone I couldn't care less about, just for giggles.

    I'm sorry for being pert. It just bothers me that I would go out of my way to demonstrate the merit of this thing, waste my bandwidth just so someone can call me a fraud.

    Pictures 15 and 16 are just for you! No laptop, even!

    Glad to see some real responses here too.

    Gmanca, USB works out of the box with the OSX installation on it! The only issue that I'm having with EyeTV is that my license is bound to my other Mac.

    Multimedia, I don't see why not! I've got my external harddrive hooked up with no troubles as far as I can tell.
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    Well I editted the hoax part out and for some reason it didn't take. I believe you. I see the pics. I apologize. You are right, I am wrong.

    Now that that is over...

    How fast is it?

    LMFAO! You put "Hi Macenforcer". I feel famous now. Thanks.
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    I'm sorry for losing my cool - it seems to becoming a habit (temper) and I'm workin' on it :(

    Anyways, it doesn't have the *snap* that my Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro does, but then again it doesn't have 2GB RAM. I feel that it outperforms the Intel Mini that I keep hooked up to my TV, and that has 1GB RAM and a Core Solo, and its defiantly very crisp (bad word choice, but thats the best way I can describe it)

    There is no lag in opening windows, iTunes etc. I haven't seen any beachball.
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    How Are You On The Internet?

    I don't see how you're connected to the internet. Just plain old WiFi? Have you tried adding it to your ethernet Switch or Router yet and turning off your WiFi?
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    Ethernet Will Have Limited Use As It's Not Gigabit

    Hey that video is better than th MacBook and mini. But no rotation support like on the Mac Pro. Too bad the Ethernet is only 10/100BASE-T I think ruling out remote writing EyeTV files to HDs on other Macs on the net.
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    What's your Pagein/Pageout ratio, when you run run "vm_stat" from a terminal window?
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    See this is cool. This is the first time I have thought about getting an Apple TV
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    Wait so it has built in bluetooth??

    Can anyone confirm? SS 12 is what I am refering to.
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    This is cool. I might even buy the next revision.

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    Can you test out sound. I heard that the sound does not work with this type of hack. Thanks.
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    I was wondering about this also. So system profiler says it has BT? Does BT make use of the internal antennas, or is the on-MoBo stuff enough? I'm wondering if it has BT in the chipset (because Intel bundled it) but does no have the assembly for it? Or perhaps it's for planned future accessories.

    Anyway, it sounds like you're having a lot of fun with it. Good work! :)
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    is it possible to add optical drive and ram in that thing?
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    I'm curious about its ability to play HD videos. How many fps can it do 1080p videos?
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    I'm going to fire some 1080P samples up later today and see if I can record a video of it.

    I'm also working with DiaboliK on a custom video driver for the AppleTV that will allow full acceleration. At this point, it has no video acceleration at all but thats very much on its way. This will obviously have an effect on 1080P video playback.

    We think it may have built in bluetooth but nobody has confirmed it working yet. Sound, as far as I can tell, works fine. I don't have any cables right now and there is no headphone jack but I will wire it into my receiver later today and play some test sounds.

    I do not think it is possible to add more RAM as it is soldered to the motherboard. Any Mac compatible external optical drive will work however.
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    Wow, pretty slick..
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    SO is the Apple TV the Minime Mac Mini? :D

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