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My bird died

Discussion in 'Community' started by pseudobrit, May 22, 2003.

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    He was a cockatiel. I had him for 14 years. He was such a nice bird, but a few days ago he got a cold and stopped eating for a day or two. Then he couldn't lift his head up and started twitching so I fed him baby bird food with a syringe and he went to an avian vet. They were tube feeding him and he was looking better. Last night he had a seizure and died.

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    I am so sorry man. I know how it feels to lose a pet. I had a hamster, named Alex, and he died of a cancerous tumor. I am serious. Don't laugh. :(

    Also, don't get another animal of the same species to replace him/her. You will accidentally call it by your late animal's name, and it will just tear you up.
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    Awwwww.....my family has had a few cocketiels over the years (only one has died though) they're such cool little birds, very smart if you know how to train them right, I once had an evil little lovebird that died in my hands (*sob*) and a bearded dragon who went through a couple surguries before she finally bit the dust (*cries*)

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    im very sorry to hear. i too understand this, most non-pet owners just don't understand the bond... we lost one of our hedgehogs a couple of months ago, it's still painful for me. we rescued her from a nasty pet store that had her on return from a family that abandoned her :( poor hedgie had a very hard life... no explanation of her death, we had just had another (our first) hedgie successfully have a tumor removed... so it came out of the blue...

    our vet does a special memorial to their patients who pass away every memorial day, which is really nice.

    wound up having her cremated. they gave us half of a gold heart, the other half was in the box with her cremains. it was very nice of them...

    you'll always have him with you in memories--

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    I'm terribly sorry to hear of your loss, pseudo. A lot of folks reading this thread may think it silly that we're all so worked up over the loss of a pet, but those who post their condolences truly understand the bond we're mourning. I buried my dog of 13 years (an Irish Setter named Kelly) two years ago this summer, and it still breaks my heart to think of that day. She was a true companion, as I'm sure your bird was. It's so hard because pets are members of your family. You speak to them and treat them as though they understand you, and somewhere we all believe that they truly do. Condolences, my friend. You've always been fearless on this board, and never afraid to stand up for the right (though often unpopular) thing. May that same strength carry you through this, pseudo. Again, you have my deepest sympathies.
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    the entire PPP community mourns for your loss.
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    There're birds nesting in behind our closet wall in our townhouse. The chicks have been getting fed all morning, and make a helluva racket whenever they do. Life goes on...

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    I'm sorry to hear of you loss, pseudobrit. A pet becomes part of the family. I had birds growing up. One was a parakeet. Also had a cockatiel, with patience was able to get him talk. Did yours talk? Do you plan on getting another? Don't have any birds now, but 3 dogs. The older 2 were purchased soon after we just lost 2 Giant Schnauzer litter mates. We lost them a year apart! :(
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    He didn't ever learn to talk, but he could carry a tune a little bit. He liked to whistle and could remember a good number of lines. He was special to me because he's been my pet since I was about 10 years old. He was the pet that outlived at least a dozen others, including two dogs.

    But the reason he was so special to me is that he was always my bird. The family had dogs and hamsters and other assorted animals over the years, but he was special to me and I to him.

    I was the one who liked birds and convinced my parents to get one. He bonded with me the day we got him; he was tame in my hand from the first minute I held him. Until the day he died, I was the only person whom he'd let pet his head. Last night I buried him in the dark in my parents backyard underneath the apple tree.

    There's definitely something missing now. It's hard to realise he's gone from the house and harder to think that he's gone from my life. I love birds but I don't know if another cockatiel would ever be a special to me as Melbourne was... :(
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    I remember that wonderful whistle also, think that it's a form of trying to talk! Hope that after he grieving process is over, you will consider getting another. You will find that another will be special to you in different way! :(
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    I love the mutations. Here's one of my favorite types, the double factor dominant platinum silver whiteface (black eyes, white body, white face -- red eyes creep me out):

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    He used to crow like a rooster too! Except he'd usually do it *very quietly* to the person he was singing to.
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    Is that a picture of Melbourne? Mine was black so the yellow on his face was very prominent! :)
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    No, Mel was a normal grey. Pretty bird nonetheless, but those mutations are gorgeous creatures.
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    + Resquiat In Pacem

    I am, too, very sorry for you. My condolences, pseudobrit. I had a bird too, a few years ago (lived for about 8 years, died some 5 years ago). It was a Love Bird (Agapornis). I absolutely loved her. Her name was Wuppie (after the furry mini toy puppets) and she was sooooo sweet. Never learned to talk, but her tunes were awesome. I can still hear her sometimes when I come home and feel kind of alone. Don't know what that is, I mean, it was just a bird. At least, that's what people always tell me. But I loved the little bird; she was mine too. Always flew around the living room. I would die just to have her fly around here once more and to hear her sing just for me.

    I feel for you. Darn, I think I'm gonna cry. Never mind; silly me.

    Man, I really miss her. Just never really think about her that much (anymore), but now with this thread it's all coming back. I definitely know how you feel. Sorry, man! Keep it up, though...

    That's my point; don't you just love pets? No matter if it's a cat, a dog, a bird, a hamster. They always give you that special feeling that they're just there for you, and for you alone. Gotta love that...
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    sorry to hear what happened to yout bird....:(
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    That sucks. Sorry to hear it :(
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    Re: + Resquiat In Pacem

    I think there's something special about birds though. My family's had a lot of animals through the years of my life... 1 cat, 5 dogs (three still kickin') 2 birds (we had one cockatiel that flew away) 2 lizards, countless hapless fish, about half a dozen hamsters, two guinea pigs, a rabbit, and a mouse...

    The only one I've truly, truly mourned is Mel. I miss the other animals, and when I was a kid I might've cried when they died, but the bird was a constant source of companionship. Perhaps the fact that birds are so much smarter than other animals is a factor.
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    I'm with u...I just lost my African Dwarf Frog that I've hace for 4 years. Poor little fella, he turned a really dark color, stopped eating & got really skinny. Maybe my frog & your bird are playing around somehow? ;)
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    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your African Dwarf Frog, eyelikeart. What was his name? Do you have any pictures of him? Hope that you will get a new pet soon!
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    his name was Freddie...

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    Thank you eyelikeart! It appears that you tar keeps looking at the picture, but continues to smile! That is a good sign that you are continuing with your life. ;) I hope that you will get another pet to keep you company!
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    What kind of dogs do you have wdlove?
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    i had a baby pueblan milksnake about 6 years ago. he had the most vivid, beautiful colors. but he died after less than a month of a cold. poor little guy.
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    man, that's terrible. he looks like he got run over, almost. ugh.

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