My boss gave me his 1.5GHZ G4 Powerbook but...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mach1andy, Nov 6, 2006.

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    ...but the LCD screen is cracked and his kids ripped off about 20 keys! Its a really nice notebook and has the superdrive option and still has about 250 days left on apple care. I want to fix it up!!

    My question:: I saw this on ebay, (item #140048797759)

    For $159 I can get the LCD screen. I consider myself pretty tech savvy and I did find a guide on but is there anything else I need to replace the screen and have it work? The inverter seems good since I was able to use the laptop with an external monitor.

    Also, I was wondering if you know what keyboard model is the backlit model for the 15" superdrive model? Ebay has a bunch of them and some don't make it clear which ones they are.

    Your help is much appriciated and it really was my lucky day as a friend also gave me his G4 867 titanium powerbook the night before. $80 later, an 80 gig hard drive from newegg fixed that road-worn puppy!!
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    AppleCare that baby! Hard use! :p
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    The screen shouldn't require any additional parts. BTW, the fact that an external monitor works means that the graphics card is fine, but not, as far as I know, that the screen inverter works. It probably does, but a working external monitor won't prove that it does.

    As far as keys go, you might want to just call Apple support and ask about model numbers. I'd think that the AppleCare you still have left on it would cover phone support to that extent at least.
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    I tried to apple care the screen at The Grove in LA but to no avail. Has anyone had an experience with taking a busted LCD to an authorized apple re-seller for repair??
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    Look on ebay for a second hand powerbook keyboard, they are out there.

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