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My BTO iBook is on vehicle for delivery!!!!!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by hikeNM, May 18, 2005.

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    Sorry folks. Couldn't help it. I just had to tell someone. And, it's a day early too!!! Six days to get from Suzhou, China and 9 days after I ordered it isn't bad at all.
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    What did you get BTO? Which size?
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    Savor every moment opening it up. The smell, the packaging. It only happens once. ;)
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    mad jew

    I just don't wanna know.

    The place I ordered mine from said a three week wait from order to delivery which is long enough but from past experience they use a metric week. :(

    Nah seriously, I'm happy for you. But what are the specs?
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    12 incher
    1.2 Ghz
    80 GB HD
    256 RAM(third party all the way)
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    You've chosen a solid little workhorse that should give you lots of hours of careless computing for years to come... :)
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    I hope so. I've lugged my 400 Mhz TiBook around a long time. It's just not built "for the road" though. I hope this one can stand up to the task. Can't wait to find out!!!
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    i ordered my BTO powerbook on the 29th. supposed to be shipping on the 5th, then the 11th, then the 17th, and now delayed again until the 23rd. :(
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    ewwww-----I wonder what the difference is?
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    Congratulations... Now the fun stuff... Accessories! ;)

    Sleeve or Bag? A stick of 1G RAM, and AppleCare (you could wait a year)?


    BTW, is Tiger preinstalled on her or is Apple giving you a disc?
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    I use a backpack, so its a MacCase sleeve with a zipper. It looks like a binder.

    Definitely a 1G stick of RAM when the $$ permits.

    AppleCare for sure soon.

    Apple is giving me the disc for Tiger. I prefer that I think.
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    it's not that i live in canada either - all the other stuff i ordered from the apple store came to my door in about 10 days from ordering - an icurve, an apple mouse, and applecare.

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