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My Co-Staring role at MacWorld Boston

Discussion in 'Community' started by wdlove, Jul 16, 2004.

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    My wife & I attended a one hour program at MacWorld on Thursday July 15th. During the one hour program on iDVD we filmed a movie using iDVD to edit.

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    That was a funny movie. You filmed that? Good job. Was that you talking?
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    wow that was great.that was an awful speech. remind me of my networking class a couple of years ago, so boring.

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    David Pogue was the director and filmed with a Sony Camcorder. Yes, the was my voice. My direction was to be monotone.
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    Well, I thought it was a brilliant role. You should take up a new career on the stage! I especially liked the bit "would be 1 point 1 point 1 point 1".

    Did your wife get to play a part? Was that her at the end? I liked that conversation as well. They should edit it down and release it as an ad nationwide!
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    My wife was part of the audience, so you could see her near the end of panning the audience. She was next to the guy in the red shirt. That thought ran through my mind, if David Pogue was doing this for Apple. That would be awesome if it occurred.

    David Pogue is very friendly, intelligent, and talented. My wife took a picture of us together. Also got his signature of a couple of books we purchased.

    Interesting to see how a movie is made. That was how he approached the subject.
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    I could be wrong but that ipod looks different

    anyone else notice that that is the new ipod that they are releasing on monday. notice the lack of round buttons and the new buttons placement around the scroll wheel.
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    uhm....that's the 2nd gen ipod

    it's NOT new
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    umm. . .
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    4th generation is going "retro" all the way back to 2001.
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    Hilarious :D Hmm... that gives me a good idea for my own movie... :p

    How did you end up making a movie with David Pogue? Can you fill me in?

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    Doctor Q

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    David Pogue was teaching a class at Macworld Boston.
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    Ah, was it a beginner's movie making class or something?
    Makes sense now... thanks.

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    I listened to him on wednesday in the User Group Lounge. He was supposed to be talking about technology in the next 10 years, but it ended up being all about the new voting machines and such. Funny guy though :D
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    I was in that class also. The voting machine talk was interesting. Would have really liked to hear more about his 10 year predictions also. In another class he mentioned that Blue Tooth was hear to stay. Voice recognition didn't have much of a future, better off getting a PC on eBay and using Naturally Speaking and then transfer the data.

    Sad that have had a chance to meet you Counterfit, I was the tallest guy in the meeting.

    irmongoose, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. He ask for volunteers.
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    That was the same one...

    I was in the back, after I looked at my phone and said "Holy crap David Pogue started 15 minutes ago!" ALthough I think I saw you, but I didn't recognize you ;)

    However, I did meet two guys from Macfora on Tuesday. :)
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    Well we can always try to meet at MacWorld 2005. You have the advantage, now you know what I look like.

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