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My dad bought a 5.5G iPod on the 28th...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Winckle, Sep 5, 2007.

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    and he'd like to see if he can return it. He's opened it and used it a few times, but he's a little annoyed that in just over a week his iPod is obsolete. It's in perfect condition, can he pay a restocking fee and get a refund?

    Yeah yeah, he should have read the buyers guide, but we all have Dads don't we. :)
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    As far as I understand, yes, he can get a refund if he pays a restocking fee....
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    Hmm, he has opened and used it. Also, we are in the UK, any UK macrumours members been in a similar situation after an apple event?
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    As the guy above you said, you can return it if you pay the restocking fee. If it was unopened you probably wouldn't have the restocking fee.

    Call up apple, there's a decent chance they'll either waive the restocking fee or refund the price difference.
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    If he pays the restocking fee, he can definitely return it.

    Actually, if you make it clear to Apple that you're going to put the money they give back to you back into their products, sometimes they'll be nice enough to waive the restocking fee.

    It'll go into the Apple store as a refurb.

    Oh, but if it's engraved, you're stuck.
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    Apple also, at least in the U.S., will credit you the difference in price if a new product is released within 2 weeks of your purchase date. Depending on whether it's a 30 or 80GB, that could be a hundred $/50 or so pounds back.
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    Damn it's engraved with our last name and postal code. :(

    Thanks for the help everyone!
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    Here in Australia (even if it wasn't engraved) you would not be able to return it. Apple call it buyer's remorse. A friend had a similar scenario with a Macbook, 5 days later it was updated and Apple said "tough". Maybe it will change when we get a real live Apple Store here.
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    So ask for the difference in price.

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