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My daughter's nano (4th gen?) just caught fire while attached to my MB

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mojohanna, Jan 29, 2009.

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    The title says it all. I got a quick notice that I had done an improper device removal, but did not remove the device. Then I immediately got a message saying that the USB port was drawing too much power/current or something to that effect and that the port would be turned off. Then the burning smell came, some smoke and some melted plastic.

    Has anyone seen heard this with the newest nanos?

    Needless to say, it is going back to the Apple store on Saturday for a replacement!
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    sounds like a short or something. That should definitely be enough to get you a replacement.

    and agreed: pictures? we are all curious. fire makes us happy :D
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    It shouldn't do that. At all. Ever. I'd take the Macbook and the iPod in for immediate service.
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    As far as pictures are concerned, there is not much to see on the nano itself. You have too look very close and you can see a couple of small burn marks. On the USB cable on the other hand, there is definitely some meltage.

    Its not the computer as I just used it and the same port to download the images off my camera. It was either in the cord or in the nano's connection itself.

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    Was this a unibody MacBook? If not, then you definitely are in order to receive a replacement MacBook and iPod with enough persistence. Seriously, they deserve to pay...catching fire is a major screw up imo.
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    Is the USB port still functioning correctly? Either way, I would still take it in to get looked at (both devices)
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    Meltage! New word! I like it! :D
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    It seems to be. I plugged my camera into it and it worked fine. It is a good suggestion from others to take the computer in to, just to make sure.
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    Yes, it is a unibody.
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    its better then shrinkage ;)
    Wow glad you and your daughter weren't burned. i would take it apple and obv. get a replacement but see what caused it. How old is the nano?
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    ahah that's not a new word, I use it all the time....in sentences like " the snow meltage can get very slippery on highways" the meltage fell on teh floor and it left a mark" ahahha then again I say things like "she had a cold or the flu and contaged me":D
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    The nano is only weeks old. We gave it to her on her birthday in early Jan.
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    I'm not seeing the burn marks, but you should definitely take in to get looked at.
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    Is the iPod still working? It could just be the cable, either way I'd exchange them both, not the MB though, because of the HD hassle, your choice.
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    I see the burn marks and I'm looking at it through a dithered remote display in Citrix!

    The iPod certainly seems to have had a short. However I think that as a good Applez... I mean, a conscientious in-toto uptaker of Apple's output, it would not be entirely unreasonable to request the replacement of both items, as generally speaking you should never see that message in the lifetime of your computer and it was caused by faulty Apple equipment. If they agree I'd say I need time to take a backup of the Mac, do that and take it back.
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    Went to the Apple store (Legacy Village) today and they replaced it, no questions asked. I think they were a bit freaked by the burn marks etc. I did not take my MB in. It was not the source of the problem, nor is it acting strange at all. The Apple store guys think it was an actual short in the cable and not the ipod itself as the ipod still worked even after the fact.

    The MB did what it was supposed to do. Amazingly, it sensed the short and shut the power to the USB port down before it could do any damage. I liken it to a GFCI switch in a house. Sensing the overload and tripping the breaker.

    Although it was a weird situation and I have never had anything like that happen to a piece of electronic gear, I cannot say that Apple did anything but handle this 100% to my satisfaction. I just to show them I had no hard feelings, I left the store with an Airport express as well!
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    awesome glad it worked out! Enjoy the airport express :)

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