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My dog used my ibook 12in as a diving board

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mac_hine82, Sep 28, 2005.

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    I was on the couch and my Rat Terrier jumped off the back of the couch onto the screen. Now there is a good finger tip gap between the screen and the bezel at the bottom. Anyone else have there screen bent back and have this happen? What part did you replace and how much did it cost?


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    howdy--don't have that particular problem, but i do have two rat terriers. just wanted to greet a fellow rat lover :D

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    you need to replace the screen bezel, the magnesium frame has snapped and it's going to cause issues if you dont fix it soon, it's a $40 ebay part of a $100 apple store trip.
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    I had my ibook in my backpack once and someone stepped on it if that makes you feel any better.
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    As long as the actual lcd is in good shape just get it repaired. I killed the lcd on my previous powerbook (by standing on it) and the repair costs were estimated at around $1000. Obviously I didn't do it seeing as the powerbook was already nealy 3 years old.

    Good luck!

    Keep us posted on the repair if you will.
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    I only use it as a desktop now and don't close it anymore. Do you think it could still cause trouble?
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    Rat Terrier's are so high strung, what is their deal? My buddies' rat won't let me pet him until I am sitting there for 5 minutes. He is a bastard...

    Your bezel... that's sad. I would take it a mac shop.
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    I have three Rat dogs. My older one is not to hyper but the puppies bit your face and never stay still
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    mine are pretty mellow. i have two boys--they're 4, but i've had 'em since they were two. martin is very friendly, and malcolm is more high strung nervous and standoffish. they both like to lie down and relax, but when it's time to go outside or i even think about grabbing their leashes, they go BERSERK.

    but like i said, for the most part they're fairly even-tempered. they are barkers though. and pitch a fit when we're about to leave and they can't go.
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    I bought a new screen for my iBook it was 150.
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    Be very careful with your iBook!!!

    A screen display bezel breakage can directly cause issues with the iBook internally, not limited to entire main logic board failure ($709 repair cost).

    Get this fixed or replaced IMMEDIATELY.

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