My Dream Machine Stuck in Limbo Aaargh

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by macguyincali, May 13, 2005.

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    I recently took a major plunge... after 13 years of being a Mac Addict, with years of Mac Classics, Performas, iMacs, (CRT, flat panel) and Powerbooks (3400, G3, G4)--all-in-one machines-- I finally took the plunge and purchased a dual-processor G5 PowerMac (2.7s). I also got myself the 30" monitor and upgraded graphics cards and harddrive. I was on a trip and my wife notifies me that there are "annoyingly gigantic boxes" arriving via Fedex.

    I get home, kiss my wife, rub my three dogs' heads and then proceed to unwrap my baby... The monitor looks awesome and seems bigger on my desk than when I saw it at the Apple Store. The shimmering aluminum on the G5 looked awesome. I opened it up and stared at the amazing innards of this beast of a machine. Unfortunately, my awe and amazement would be shortlived. When I finally turned on the computer, it proceeded to Kernal Panic and simply froze. It would not start up. The SuperDrive was jammed shut so I couldn't even get the hardware test disk in.

    My euphoria turned to frustration but the trusty folks at Apple told me it would be replaced immediately. I sent it back, checking FedEx every hour on the hour to see if it had been received yet by Apple... as they said they would release the new one once they get the old one. Finally, they receive it. They say, the new one is "being configured" (or in manufacturing as they like to say). I am given a new sales order number. Being the OCD apple addict that I am, I am checking Order Status twice an hour to see if anything changes. I notice that it says "shipping no later than 6/3". I speak to numerous Apple employees. They say it should ship in the next few days. Finally, I speak to a supervisor and he sheepishly tells me there is a delay. It is probably in one of the "made-to-order" components, because the system ships in 2-3 bus days without any customized parts.

    I am thinking, screw the graphics card and the hard drive, I want my PM G4 2.7 Liquid-cooled Mac of Love!! But, I paid for it already. They say they are looking into sending me the add-ons separately. We'll see.

    At any rate, I feel like the powers that be are conspiring to prevent me from ever getting my cherished dream machine. Any advice, people, other than "get a life," would be greatly appreciated.
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    dude, we know it's hard. a similar thing happened to me with my pb and i thought 'goddamnit, why didnt i jsut get it from a store!! argh'

    just think, when you *do* receive it, you're gonna appreciate it even more. perhaps try cleaning up your office/or wherever you keep your computer so that when it arrives, it'll look even better :cool:

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    I've experienced similar annoyance in waiting, though I do admit, the excitement caused by the constant anticipation of its arrival is nice, until it takes so long you forget about it. Then it's a surprise. I know I know, shame on Apple, but honestly as long as you've got a functioning computer while you wait, the wait's not all that bad :D
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    hehe, I love this place!!

    You know, I cant ever imagine anyone ever having so much expressed joy in a HP laptop or somthing!!

    I know how it feels, I just thought I was the only nutter out there. I wonder if there are some kind of illegal drug in the plastic of my iBook to get me addicted? (Scratches head)
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    Yeah, I'm not sure if Dell people are as obsessive about their computers as we are. It seems the customer service people at Apple have been given psychological training on how to deal with us. "OK, take a deep breath. Everything is going to be fine. Go to a happy place. Now, um, your machine is delayed another couple weeks. Have a nice day." I've been enjoying my daily little chats with the CS people. "You're on the top of the list because it is a replacement." and "It might come sooner than 6/3." I've pretty much given up on the urgency so now I wait. To think I had the baby in my hands only a week ago. If only it had worked. At any rate, I'm having a party next weekend and I wanted the bad boy to be up and running so I could show it off. I'll cross my fingers and see.
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    mad jew

    It's really sad and I hate to admit this but I've got some serious sympathy for you. I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure there was a song about new Macs in The Sound Of Music.
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    Yeh, it was in "These are a few of my favorite things" just before G5 Liguid mercury Powerbooks :p
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    Well, enjoy looking at your 30" with no computer.

    I'd want one even if I couldn't drive it.. Just to look at its massive largeness.

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