My dual 1.8 G5 experience (over the years)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by dophineh, Feb 18, 2009.

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    I thought I would share the story of my dual 1.8 G5, I will try to make it brief and juicy.

    I received it as a birthday present for my 18th birthday in November 2004. It was a huge upgrade from my 400mhz Sawtooth G4. :)

    After 1 month, it **** on itself, causing the harddrive to fail. I got a new harddrive pretty quickly through CompUSA. But 2 days later, it happened again. I got another harddrive from CompUSA despite my betching that this was too much of a coincidence. Sure enough, the newest harddrive failed 3 days later. I went back to CompUSA and told them, it's not the harddrive's fault, rather it must be the controller's fault or something. CompUSA then called me to say that my comp was fixed, but when I picked it up, they told me that they had replaced the harddrive. After screaming at them and waving my arms, they did not relent.

    3 days later the harddrive failed again, I was expecting it to and had done some research as to where to take it next. I took it to a family owned Apple certified place (if only there had been an Apple store in my area back in those days!). This guy understood my concern, and while it took him 2 months to fix it (!!!!), after wards I had a computer that didn't fry harddrives within days.

    Or so I thought, roughly 1 year later, my harddrive failed! I replaced it and didn't worry too too much. Another year later (end of 06) another harddrive failed. And again in late '07, and again last December (end of '08).

    At this point I was really scratching my head and wondering. I wrote to Apple (never heard from them), and finally one day (last week) I decided to cycle all the connections in my g5 case, just to make sure they were all tight. And guess what I found, I found that the front fan had two wire connectors and only 1 of them was connected. It was evident from the dust build up on the connector pins, that 1 of them had not been connected for a long time!!!! (maybe never)!! It's the fan that is in the front of the case, directly below the disc rom drive.

    I connected it to the 2nd connector, and next time I started up, to my utter amazement, I heard a sound from the front fan that I have never heard before!!!!!!! :eek::confused::(:eek::)

    I know that I've heard that fan before, but now it seemed it was running at twice the speed!

    Otherwise it's been a great machine, and is currently pretty maxed out. I have a GeFore 6800 card running a 30" Dell (2560x1600), and 4 gbs of ram. I use it for a lot for just about everything. Web development, graphic design, comp sci programming (for school), video editing, garage band (with a keyboard and friend's instruments), some gaming (tho my xbox360 is where it's at).

    So if you got to this point, then thanks for reading! Just thought I would share and maybe get some opinions on whether you think the fan's 2nd connector could be the culprit for those later blown harddrives.

    Peace & luv :apple:
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    Wow, did you have to pay for each and ever one of those HD's?
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    Not all of them, just the ones after Apple Care expired.
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    My dual 1.8 story has a lot fewer hard drive failures!

    Ordered mine in late January, 2004, after Garageband had been announced (I'm a guitarist). Was quite a jump from my 350MHz iMac (which I got when I was 19). No hardware problems at all, though I did find a loose screw in it once. Spare parts, I guess.

    Works like a charm. I find Aperture a bit slow, and there are some newer games I'd like to play, but otherwise performs very well.
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    Do you have 10.5 installed? after I installed 10.5, I found everything became alot faster/
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    Wow that's a crazy story, did I count correctly? 7 hard drives in 5 years?:eek:

    Are you talking about the fan that is next to the speaker? That's in a different thermal zone and doesn't affect the optical drive or hard drive bay. That's a tricky fan connection to connect/disconnect too ;), you need long skinny fingers or needle-nose pliers. Wished it connected to the logic board like the processor fans assembly did.

    I'm glad I never had any problems with both my dual 1.8s.
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    Wow, I have a lot in common with Doph.

    I have a dual 1.8G5 that has blown 4 drives since 2005. I hate the thing, I use it to do audio post in a high pressure environment and I'm always looking at the thing wondering when it is going to fry another drive. Plus the PCI slots have acted weird over the years and given me weird timing problems (rare DAE errors) with my PTHD rig.

    this is why I bought an Openstar also. I actually want a machine that i can get into the bios and adjust MB settings. I know some of you will think that is crazy, but 7 macs later I'm looking forward to getting back into the PC building arena.
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    Yeah, I use 10.5 on all my Macs.

    Spotlight certainly become faster, though simply because the backend stuff that enables Time Machine provided that boost. Not sure about anything else.

    Speaking of Time Machine, that certainly brings the responsiveness way down every hour. I turn it off before playing Redline.

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