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My eMac Vs. Dual 867MHz MDD

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by FadeToBlack, Jan 6, 2006.

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    I'm considering purchasing a Power Mac and selling my eMac. I want an external display and the upgradeability of the Power Mac. Anyway, my question is how much faster would a Dual 867 be compared to my eMac (specs in sig) The Power Mac has 512MB RAM, but I will most likely be maxing out the RAM in it if I got it. Thanks in advance.
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    Lord Blackadder

    The Powermac should equal or beat the eMac in everything, especially if you have a GeForce3/4ti or Radeon 9000 or newer
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    Thanks, guys. That's what I thought. I plan to upgrade this to 2GB of RAM and putting a new 16X DL SuperDrive in it. I will also most likely throw in another HD.

    Hopefully I will win this on eBay. I've always loved the design of the MDD. I'm also watching an auction on a 17" Studio Display!

    EDIT: BTW, this particular MDD has the GeForce 4MX. I can always upgrade it if I need to, though.
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    This is really my first desktop mac (Aside from the 300mhz iMac i used for a few months last year to get the freel of OS X).

    Its exactly the same spec as the one you plan on buying.

    Specs when I bought it:

    Dual 867Mhz G4 7455 Processors
    1gb DDR Ram
    Geforce 4 MX Graphics 32mb VRAM
    80gb Diamondmax Plus 9 HDD
    Combo Drive
    17" ADC Apple Display


    Dual 867Mhz G4 7455 Processors
    1.5gb DDR Ram
    ATi Radeon 9800Pro (Flahed)
    80gb Diamondmax Plus 9 HDD
    2x 40gb Maxtor Fireball slimline HDD's in RAID0
    8x DVD DL Drive
    Combo Drive
    17" ADC Apple display with the converter box

    The original kit cost me £480 including shipping, which I think was a very good price.

    I've spent about another £250 upgrading it, although I had the extra ram, DVD DL drive and hard drives lying around from my old PC.

    It does everything I want it to do, and it does it faster than my 1.33ghz iBook does ;)

    Oh yeah, I'm overclocking it next week.
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    If you plan to upgrade the video card, don't get an old style ADC Apple display, as most new video cards do NOT come with ADC ports. In order to get an ADC display working with a DVI card you need an expensive $100 converter. In other words, its not worth it.
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    well that dual will blow the emac out of the water
    emac video really sucks

    you could put an ati 9800 mac pro 128mb ed in the dual and have one pimp machine, not to mention all that extra room for pci cards and more hd's
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    expandabilty alone should allow you to keep the dual 867 tower around for awhile.

    The ram upgrade should also make a noticable improvement in OSX
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    Just won it on eBay! Had a bit of a bidding war there at the end, but ended up picking it up for $705 shipped. I'm excited! :)

    I'm considering getting one of the old 17" Studio Displays, but as you guys said, I wouldn't be able to use it with a recent graphics card because of the ADC. Maybe I could just upgrade it to a GeForce 4Ti eventually?
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    Lord Blackadder

    I would avoid the GeForce4ti unless you can get one very cheap - it isn't Core Image compatible and a Radeon 9800 is much faster in pretty much every way. The best two cards for the G4 user today are the Radeon 9600 Pro 64MB (available only from OWC and around $100) and the Radeon 9800 series cards (prices vary between ~$120 for do-it-yourself flashed cards all the way up to $250 for a brand new 256MB model).
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    Check the fan noise first. My 1.25 DP MDD is a wind tunnel and annoys the heck out of me. Hope your tower is quieter than mine.
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    Does the 9600 Pro have an ADC? I ordered a 17" Studio Display today, too. I just couldn't stand the thought of using a non-Apple display with the Power Mac. :cool:

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I also ordered a DL 16x SuperDrive from OWC.
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    I have a question. Not too long ago, I added a 512MB stick of RAM to my eMac. Will this work in the Power Mac? It's PC2700 and I'm pretty sure the Power Mac has 512MB of PC2100 installed.
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    PM should beat your eMac in any MP-aware app. (not games, sadly). Be weary though, I heard MDDs are very noisy
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    Yeah, I've heard the term "Wind Tunnel" used to describe them. I doubt the sound of it will bother me, though.

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