My eMac's power supply is dead...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by dandeco, Dec 19, 2009.

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    Well that's it for my 1.0 GHz USB 2.0 eMac. Since it would be costly to repair it, I thought maybe I would buy one of these to replace it:

    It's much faster, has a bigger hard drive and a SuperDrive already included, AND even includes a keyboard and mouse! (Currently I used a black Apple Pro Keyboard and Pro Mouse from the old iMac G3 with it.) And it's price even seems lower than buying a replacement logic board for my old eMac.

    However, I also took the opportunity to salvage a few parts from my old eMac. I took out the hard drive, the 1 GB RAM module I bought for it, the SuperDrive I installed and the Airport Extreme card. As for the rest of the machine, since I can't throw it away (I want to help the environment this way), I might either keep it for spare non-logic board parts for the new one, or I may sell it on eBay listed as "FOR PARTS" or "BAD LOGIC BOARD," as I have seen these kind of Macs listed on eBay, and usually techies or computer wizards buy them to perform repairs on or use parts for an existing broken computer, and they usually range for like $30-$50, versus the price of a functioning model.

    Any comments/opinions?
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    for that price grab the eMac 1.42 i use it myself and i`m happier about it them most iMac 27 owners
    the 1.42 eMac does not suffer the bad cap issue (your psu very likely failed because of the bad caps )
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    I think I will! Now that I have a job I'll be able to afford that machine. Plus I could also reuse my 1 GB RAM module and my Airport Extreme Wi-Fi card in the new eMac
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    and the harddrive ,take it out put it in a usb or firewire enclosure and use it external , it might not be big, but you never know when it comes handy and you would have all the data from the old one on it already
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    That's what I plan to do with the hard drive! I already took it out, but the USB enclosure is at my dad's office, and he has the week off so it could be a while (by then I'll probably have already ordered my eMac)

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