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Discussion in '4,000,000 Post Contest' started by rdhazrd, Aug 4, 2007.

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    Father Jack

    Really cool ..... :cool:
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    Points deducted for the use of Comic Sans. ;)

    Edit: I tell a lie, it's not Comic Sans, but close enough. :D
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    Father Jack

    Do I get any points for using the normal font? .. :)
  5. MRU


    In scotland, there's loads of people called mac and macintosh. ;)

    Nice Try. But hardly prize worthy.

    Now if you had sold your children on the black market for a mac pro and a 30" ACD - that might be considered really fanatical ;):p:D
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    can we see a scan of the birth certificates? :p
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    It's Chalkboard I think. :)
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    Sure looks like Comic Sans Serif to me.
    A M$ font I might add.
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    Not Comic Sans

    Wow, only one of you was close, very close. It's Chalkboard Bold. I find it odd, if not freakish, that there are a lot of women named Mac in Scottland, or anywhere for that matter.
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    Yup, just like me. :D
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    Doctor Q

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    rdhazrd: To make your contest entry eligible, you'll need to edit your post and attach that image to the post, not link to it with IMG tags. (That rule ensures that contest entries are on our server.)
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    the reason he posted it as an image is so he can change it whenever he feels like it without people knowing.
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    OK, Since that's how you feel about it and since I don't post on here much and didn't see the attach button. I'll just remove it.
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