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My external drive no longer shows up in finder

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by HawaiiMacAddict, Sep 8, 2011.

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    Aloha everyone,

    I'm running Lion on my iMac and my MacBook Pro (see my sig for details) and have few to very little issues as such, at least until today. I have a 2TB external drive (WD) that I use to host my iTunes and iPhoto libraries, as well as other ancillary files I may need at work (I do a lot of Photoshop, unofficially, for my job).

    This morning, like normal I downloaded podcasts for my drive into work, synced my iPhone, and checked a couple of files on my external via the finder. Once I got into work and plugged everything in, I saw the icon for my external on the desktop, but when I tried to use the finder, nothing showed up under Devices, which is where it normally shows up. Interestingly enough, I get the same behavior when I insert my USB thumb drive (both devices attach via USB). I can navigate to the drives using Cmd-up arrow, but I fail to understand why they won't both show up as normal in finder on my MacBook Pro.

    I ran Disk Utility to verify the external drive and everything there checked out OK. When I check the system, everything seems to be OK, with the exception that they no longer show up in finder. The first thing I did was to verify that the checkbox to display external drives was still checked, which it is. Does anyone have any idea of where else I can try troubleshooting this particular issue? I really don't think it's a Lion issue, but as that is what I'm using to drive the computer, I thought to put this in the Lion forum. I'm not even sure it's a USB problem, even though only the USB-connected external drives are the ones not showing up in finder. I'm really kind of stumped on this one and would appreciate any and all assistance in resolving this issue.
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    If you create a new user account and plug-in the external does it show up in the finder window?
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    I'll do that right now and post back to let you know.


    Aloha killerrobot,

    Unfortunately for me, it's something to do with my account. I created a second account for my nieces and nephew, so that they can get on Facebook or Club Penguin when they come over. That account is a Standard User account, but all my external drives show up there. I suppose that I could just create another user account, for myself this time, and go from there, but I would like to try to figure out where the issue lies. Do you, or anyone else on this forum, know of a direction along which I can tailor my research? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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    Also just to double check that in Finder>Prefs>Sidebar, you have the external disks option checked.

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    OK, you showed me yours - I'll show you mine :D

    I just resolved the issue. I'm such a dunderhead at time (but don't repeat that :D) When I was navigating to find the screenshot, the cursor went to the right of the Devices label and I saw Show. I do not remember hiding the drives, but now they all appear. D'oh! I'm a fairly experienced Mac user (I switched over in 2006) - this is definitely something I should have considered from the get-go.

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    There I didn't repeat that for you... Yeah I hadn't noticed the "hide" option until I took that screen shot. Totally forgot to mention that. Experienced users or not, weird things happen sometimes...;) Glad it was an easy fix.
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    Yeah, I'm glad it was so easy to resolve as well. I was a little worried that maybe something more sinister was at play.
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    Thanks for that you have also saved me, i did the same, mac user for ages and still did not realise that, new 10.8.2 update reset a lot of things


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