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My favorite case (great price) CTCstore Black Wave

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by HE15MAN, Jul 31, 2010.

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    This is not an advertisement for the company, but just my endorsement for a product. I tried iPad case after case. Some expensive, some cheap, but found this one on Amazon. It did exactly what I was looking for, it protected it a decent amount, made it look a bit nicer, was thin and didnt add much bulk or weight, made it much easier to hold, and was affordable! Takes about 5 seconds to install also. And for the price of $7.99, it was a slam dunk!



    And a white version

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    Does it protect the entire metal trim?
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    The reviews claim there is a hole cut out to display the Apple logo.

    While it is a good looking case, this hole dosent seem like a good idea.
    Did yours also come with the hole cut out? :confused:
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    I don't see a whole in the pic. :confused:
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    I have the nude/naked version of this case. No hole in mine and came with best screen protector I have ever used - was not sticky just seemed to suck itself to the screen.

    Great bit of kit.
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    Some of the reviews on Amazon that the OP used claimed the logo section had a hole cut out exposing the logo... :confused:

    The pics on Amazon which the OP also used do not show a hole & the OP didnt mention one so, dose it or dosent it? Do some & not others?

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    No hole
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    Yes it does
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    Well, that's just weird!? :confused:

    I'm thinking of getting one but I'd hate to get one with a hole in it & then have to return it. ( wrings hands in agony...) :rolleyes:

    What the hey, it isn't as if I'm spending $280.00 on an valleyhoo (or whatever) leather case that is so not worth the money... :p
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    It isn't a hole perse. The pattern or colouring are made to look clear, so that the Apple logo is clearly visible. It is a "hole" in the pattern on the back.
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    It probably depends on what seller you go through if yours will have a hole around the apple logo or not. Which seller did you go through to get one with no hole?

    I had just ordered this one last night:


    but through one of the more buying options...if mine has a hole I will be so mad! And it will probably be more expensive to return than it cost in the first place lol.
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    I just got mine and it is really nice. Now I just need to find a portfolio case with stand capabilities that it will fit in!

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