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My favorite game runs on my Mini now

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by livingfortoday, Apr 6, 2006.

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    Muah ha ha ha!

    Oh, sorry. I just got Windows XP on my Mac Mini, and it can run Battlefield Vietnam! On medium settings, but still! Yes! I am one happy Mac user now.

    Specs are in my sig, but it's a Core Solo, with only 512MB of RAM. I'll up the RAM soon, and maybe I'll get more performance out of it.
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    Nice! I doubt the Core Duo would make much of a difference with .16Ghz difference. What resolution you got it on?
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    Its nice to the mac mini runs some games well, my iMac runs it very well i cant wait for a intel PowerMacs to come along so that i can dump my PC box forever.
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    1024x768x16 with graphics and the other two bars set on "Medium". I was able to run it in Singleplayer with 24 bots just fine, and I got online on a 40 person server and it ran fine too. A bit laggy online, but might just be my connection.

    The Core Duo is a dual-core 1.66Ghz, versus a single core 1.5, though, so the Core Duo would undoubtedly be better on this. Of course, I've found that usually CPU doesn't make a huge difference in games, it's the GPU that counts... and since they're the same on both.... meh.

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