My G5 is a lemon...Apple won't help

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by e-coli, Oct 2, 2006.

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    Hi all. My PM G5 2GHz DP has died 3 times now. I have AplleCare.

    The first time required a logic board and power supply replacement (4 months ago), the second time it died, it required ANOTHER logic board, ANOTHER power supply and BOTH processors replaced (last week). Now the FW 800 port doesn't work on the new machine.

    I have to make a living, and can't because my computer is always in the shop. I've asked Apple to replace the machine, but they won't. They tell me to take it in a third time, so I'll be without it for another 10 days. That will make 40 days total (the first time took them 20 days).

    Anyone had a similar situation? Know of any way to get a fair settlement?

    This is costing me a ton in lost income. Thanks.
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    Take a page from the book of iGary...keep escalating the case as high as it will go. Be nice but firm...outline how this downtime is affecting your income and make your case.
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    From what I've read on these forums, there is lemon laws in the States. It would be wise for you to look them up if Apple will really not help.
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    Any clues as to what is causing it to fail? Is it in an unusually harsh environment, do you have really dirty power (I noticed you were from NY)? The odds of having to replace 2 logic boards and power supplies are pretty astronomical under normal circumstances. You also replaced the processors. Is there more to this story than you have written?
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    Three major repairs = Replacement unit :)
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    I thought it might be the power too. But it started when I lived in Boston, then the subsequent repairs happened while living in NY. So I don't think that's the issue.

    It's just in my home...nothing special. I'll try the calm escalation...I'll keep you posted.

    If anyone thinks of anything else, I'm all ears. Thanks!
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    please tell me you have a surge protector
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    Surge protector? I'd be thinking about an isolation transformmer at this stage. But really all modern computers use switching power supplies. These are almost imune to line noise or voltage fluctuations

    This story does bring up the idea of how to implement a mission critical computer system. Every bussines needs a contingicy plan for things like crashed disk, computer failures and so on to include flood, fire or earthquake.

    If the plan is to have just one computer with all your data and if that one computer dies so does your bussines seems to be a weak plan.
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    I sometimes wonder how many actually use these. I would never dream of running an expensive computer without one!
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    That would be a really lousy (not to mention lazy) justification for not buying a surge protector for your expensive equipment.

    But aside from that, I have a friend with an iMac G5 which suddenly started displaying bizzare problems that could not be fixed, and after several trips to the Apple store she eventually got a replacement (an Intel iMac, no less) for free.

    She does not use a surge protector.

    Think about it... how often to power supplies fail twice on the same computer, not to mention in such a short time span (I never even had a power supply fail once on anything I own, and I have over 70 Macs).
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    According to Apple it is 3 repairs of the same major item, not just 3 random major repairs. Time to admit it Apple are bast@rds. ;)
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    Breach of contract is it not? when not honoring the repairs through Applecare... and 9/10 times it'll get fixed when (forced) by Trade and Standards just like how the majority of companies end up to get things resolved.
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    Sun Baked

    Never threaten, be nice ...

    If you curse, they are allowed to hang up on you and make a notation in your file.

    If you threaten, legal or otherwise, they can always send you an AppleCare refund.

    And if you've used phone support and repairs, there won't be any money there.

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